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Made it two the fire wardens cabin which was one hell of a climb. Way past bumfuck and the back 40 wasn’t even on the map anymore.  Went from 880’ 3,230’ in 4 miles.  A couple of girls showed up and gave me a brand new package of like 12 flour tortillas, new package of 4 pita bread the flat circular kind and a nice big bag of trail mix that has Oreos, goldfish, pretzels, raisins, cheerios, and some other stuff in it.  Got the cabin all to myself tonight J J.  No one wants to spend the night with me which is a blessing sometimes J J.  Only 400 miles to go.  Just think if I do 100 miles every 3 days I will be done in 12 days J J. That is not going to happen but it’s a thought.  It is  beautiful up here in new Hampshire. The views and scenery is fucking AWESOME.  It makes all the effort worth it.  I know I have done a lot of bitching and moaning in here but most of that was from all the climbing I believe.  Take away all the climbing and it is AWESOME.  But then again you can’t get the views without going to the top of the mountain.  Although I have climbed countless mtns on the at with no views cause they were still below tree line.  Which are pointless.  But it is what it is.  My clothes are always soaked in sweat by the end of the day.  So I change into dry ones for the night then next morning put the wet ones back on and HIKE EM DRY as they say.  Yeah it sucks putting on wet shit in the morning but after a few miles their dry and keep you cool and your not sweating buckets till mid afternoon and you still have your dry set for the end of the day.  I have climbed everything since ga.  EVERYTHING.  They didn’t leave out a single climb.  I have hit every little hill and bump.  Question of the day : Who walks to Maine? J J J after getting diarrhea today and ruining a pair of shorts.   I called it a day at ore hill shelter which has yet another stagnant puddle water source.  That seems to be the trend at shelters since at least jersey I believe.  That may be the source of my diarrhea which has passed I hope.  Too many stagnant puddles water sources although I treat them with purification tablets but when every shelter has a stagnant puddle water sources something is bound to get by eventually.  I mean use a hammer long enough you are bound to hit your thumb at least once.  Tomorrow I hit the white mtns.  Which I hear are breath taking. They are certainly going to take my breath away with the elevations that is for sure.  Was going for the white mountains today but got sidetracked at the hikers welcome hostel in glen cliff.  Found 3 bud lights on the trail today SCORE.  There was a ton of freebies at the hostel.  Found some kaopetate in the hiker box.  Vanilla flavor.  Drank that still tastes like shit even for vanilla flavor hope that will cure my diarrhea.  Raided the hiker food box.  Got some chocolate chips, trail mix, oatmeal reg. flavor,  some candy, mac and cheese. I had a couple of bagels with cream cheese. I got another roll of butt paper. I called it a day at Jeffers brook shelter.  50% chance of rain tomorrow and rain for sure Monday they say.  Hoping I get the 50% clear tomorrow don’t want to get stuck on a mtn in  the rain.  Especially with a pack loaded with food and water.  That was on hell of a climb up mtn. moosilauke and even worse coming down the other side.  Fell on my ass 4 times on the climb/slide down.  Calling it a day at some low elevations cause of the impending storm like to be on the down low where it is a lot warmer.  Took me forever to climb down mtn. moosilauke.  Coming down the mountain I wasn’t worried about time/schedules I was just worries about breaking my neck.  Maybe I should have done some more miles today but with the weather the way it is  going through the whites I am playing it safe.  Now if it was sunny and clear skies that would be different.  I am taking a little extra precaution.  Maybe it is just an excuse to take the rest of the day off J J J.  Jeffers brook shelter had a beautiful brook in was definitely awe inspiring.  Although the climb down mtn moosilauke was extremely slow going it has a beautiful waterfall running right next to the trail all the way down.  Rain Day.  Rained all day today.  Read AT journeys mags and slept today.  24 hours of continuous rain.  It is like I am in a monsoon here.  And it is still raining.  Haven’t even been a break to go #2 had to do that in the rain.  Still have the runs.  Didn’t make it out of my tent before it let loose.  This time I had to clean my sleeping pad, shorts, and of course myself.   That pepto and kaopetate didn’t seem to work what so ever. Whatever I got it is something fierce.  Swashed my shorts with some head and shoulders in a nearby creek.  Hung them up but now raining again.  Just hike them dry tomorrow.  You see it is not all fun and games out here.  Good thing I got that full roll of butt paper at the hostel which is practically gone now.  I just got that roll too.  It seems I am doing taking another day off.  Really going to have to do some moving to get this trail done.  388 miles to go. Tent pole snapped AGAIN that makes FUCK I don’t know to FUCKING many. Of course still raining. Sunday night started raining and hasn’t stopped and is now Tuesday evening.  I am going to hike my ass off when/if this rain quits to get this trip done tired of the fucking gear failures I have had it with these fucking poles.  Been raining going on three nights now still dealing with the runs now poles are snapping again. Just get me the fuck out of this it is no longer “FUN.” It is FUCKING MISERABLE.  FIXING THESE FUCKING POLES ALL THE GOD DAMN TIME AND EVERY FUCKING TIME HAS BEEN IN THE RARIN.  GET ME OUT OF THIS FUCKING NIGHTMARE.  Gorgeous day today the sun is shining blue skies beautiful scenery the new Hampshire forest is gorgeous.  So much I don’t mind that I am walking through bogs and ankle deep mud all day form all the rain we got the last few days.  Scenery and days like today make it all worth it.  Spent the night at Eliza brook shelter.  Beautiful waterfall. brook at Eliza.  Got a rid into Lincoln and spent the night at Chet’s.  tippy toes bought beer and shared with me along with some grape soda.  Another beautiful gorgeous day today for hiking.  Take advantage of these days while I have them.  Weighed myself at chets’ 115 lbs.  Getting to the point where my pack is going to weigh more them me lol lol.  Surprised I can still carry my 50 lbs. pack which is mostly food and water.  Got a ride back to the at.  Every shelter in the whites  charges $8 overnight fee.  Money hungry amc Yankees.  So I am just camping along side the trail.  Setup camp 1 or2 miles before Garfield ridge shelter.  I  was a hellacious climb when I got back to the trail.  Went from 1,450’ to 4,000’ in 2 miles.  Every step was a 6 inch or more step up.  Continued to go up to mtn. Lafayette today.  5 miles today but one hell of a 5 miles.  Like I said the mtns here in NH are very time consuming.  Twisted my ankle today.  Setup camp about ½ mile down for the summit of south twin mtn.  right before the rain came.  Which I knew was coming.  I got myself a new book entitled “The new Appalachian trail by Edward b. garvey it is both the story of his journey on a thru-hike I 1990 and a practical guide to backpacking on the at.  LEAKY MOTHERFUCKER. Looks like I am going to have to cover the meshing with tyvek cause I have this back spot opposite the door that leaks like a sieve still.  It was extremely windy and chilly at the my. Guyot summit. hat off and kept losing my balance on the rock summit cause of wind.  Caught up with tippy toes and Delaware Dave and hiked with them today.  We stopped at Zealand falls hut for lunch.  Beautiful falls there at the hut. Threatened rain all day but never rained.  After the hut it was easy going the next few miles it was flat and was a “tourist” trail I kept looking for white blazes to see if I was still on the at.  Then it went to shit again.  Next six miles was nothing but mud/ankle deep water.  Basically walking in a creek bed.  Which is what it was a creek bed they decided to use for the at.  Cause it was all rock with ankle deep water and when it wasn’t rock it was mud and marsh.  You would think since the amc charges $8 a person per night at all shelters in the whites they would have a better maintained trail. NOPE.  One of the worse stretches of trail Ethan pond was.  Make it to a campsite off of Crawford notch.  Going to dry my sleeping bag and fix the leak in my tent tomorrow.  It is suppose to be nice the next couple of days then rain/thunderstorms again so I better fix my tent while I can even though I will be doing it on a good hiking day but it is what it is. That is the motto for the whole at “it is what it is”  got another hellacious climb up mtn. Webster 3,000’ in 2 miles. YAY.  These emergency blankets work great.  I wrap myself in one and then put my sleeping blanket over top.  A lot of climbing today and a lot of 45 degree 90 degree slabs of rock/mtn to climb up and down or at least try to figure out how to get up/down.  Put a fix on my tent and dried out sleeping bag before I started my hike also had two cheddar broccoli rice sides for breakfast best rice sides they have.  Made it to mistzpah  hut took a break talked with fellow thru-hiker found out it was 5:30 pm WHOAH!  Better find a campsite.  Instead though I inquired about work for stay at the hut.  Got the last work for stay spot.  YAY. Had to wash dishes and clean up stove but first they fed me a GIANT helping of lasagna, pumpkin pie which I had four slices of, bread and soup.  Slept on dining/ common area floor.  Going to stay for breakfast  then head up/down mtn. Washington.  57 miles to Maine.  Not even 5 minutes on the trail and I am already wore out.  The climb from mitzpah hut was several hundred feet in a few hundred yards.  WOW!!!!  Had some keesh, blueberry muffins and coffee for breakfast took some muffins for the trail.  A amc club member/day hiker gave me a bunch of cliff bars and chocolate bars.  Now I am getting attacked by a whole country of black flies.  I am out of energy again today but I still keep walking somehow.  I am not hungry or thirsty just dragging ass again.  Same thing exact same thing happen when I left Lincoln nh and took that big climb  up to liberty springs then to mtn. Lafayette.  Both mt. Lafayette and mt. Washington are in the alpine zones so maybe that is it.  Altitude.  Cause I was feeling fine the day before yesterday when I did a 14 mile day with tippy toes and Delaware Dave.  These climbs up to alpine zones seem to take everything out of me.  Only 1.4 miles to mt. Washington summit then starts going down to lower altitudes again.  Hopefully it is just “altitude sickness” that is making me drag ass.  1,200’ in 1.4 miles won’t that be fun.  Calling for rain/thunderstorms tomorrow.  Give me a day off maybe that is what I need.  I am still leaning towards altitude sickness though.  Although I did get the 5 miles to Lakes of the clouds hut rather quickly at least I didn’t expect to see it so soon.  There was no trail today just mtn. rocks and general direction.  Extremely windy today as well which made scrambling over mt. rocks a real challenge.  Fell in a bush today.  Still made 12 miles today and work for stay again this time at Madison hut.  Saw the mt. Washington trains taking tourists up to the summit.  Still having stomach problems don’t know what it is could be anything I suppose.  Still hiking so that is good and actually did a descent day today.  I remember the bumper stickers that said I drove up mt. Washington.  SO WHAT I climbed it you lazy ass tourist GO AWAY.  Woke up and saw a moose outside.  Extremely windy again and scrambling over more rock wind knocked me over a couple of times.  Then it was a DROP DOWN to scoop tent site.  Big 6 inch step down UH Big 6 inch step down UH. Knees were sore after all that.  Setup camp at Osgood before rain.  Had breakfast at Madison hut.  Over plate size pancake with cold coffee, pineapple, maple syrup.  AMC is the WORST FUCKING CLUB out there except for the hospitality at the huts. NO BLAZING MOTHERFUCKERS. Northbound sing facing south WTF.  Walked 3 miles in the wrong direction then had to walk back cause the sign was facing the wrong way.  Good thing I am out of the whites today.  They are closing the whites starting tomorrow cause of impending hurricane Irene.  Got about a mile north of pickham notch and setup camp.  Batten down the hatches and see what happens.  5 miles with 6 bonus miles today.  So I would have made it to the wildcat mtn. peak which is not where I want to be in a n impending hurricane.  So it all worked out I guess.  Beautiful day today no rain last night was clear and clam.  Apparently I wasn’t in the clear on the forest closing cause when I got to carter notch hut I was informed that I was still inside the forest they were closing and had to take the 19 mile brook trail 3.8 miles to pickham notch hwy and walk/hitch in to Gorham till Monday at midnight when the forest open up again.  After eating some free snacks and a bowl of chili at the hut I continued down the 19 mile brook trail to the hwy and started walking/hitching into Gorham.  Then the best trail magic ever EVER on the trail happen.  This dude picked me up and gave me a ride into Gorham then treated me to an all you can eat Chinese buffet, gave me a couple of boxes of cliff bars, three French vanilla special k protein shakes,  two boxes of gu energy gel and gave me $2 in quarters for a shower and ice cream. Then I raided the hiker box at the hostel for some chex mix, full roll of duct tape and more tent repair.  Then raided the fridge for more ice cream, cranapple drink, v8, blue berry and goulash. Yeah it was a good day. Watched the Assassins with sly Stallone and Antonia banderez at the hostel.  Surprised I am the only one here.  My tummy hurts from all the eating I did today UH J J J.  Rain Day.  Watched color of money.  It is raining like mad outside.  It is not possible to rain any harder or faster or more then it is right now.  Good thing I am in the hostel upstairs away from the water. Watched TV most of the day at least till the late afternoon when the power kept flickering on and off then I just turned off the TV and read a book entitled “ when a kid became president” Setup camp alongside of trail last night.  18 mile day today.  Made it to Maine YAY.  This trail is still very time consuming.  Had to take pack off for the first time this entire trip to converse the trail.. Made it into carlo col shelter campsite after dark setup tent on platform in dark.  The trail and mtns. Here are very steep a lot of 45 degree or greater slabs of rock which I took a spill on and scratch the fuck out of my arm. But you can only walk up/down 45 degree slabs of mtn. rock so long before you slip and they bite you.  FUN DAY on the trail today.  Climbed,scrambled,crawled and drug my pack through the longest and most difficult or fun mile on the at.  Mahoosuc notch. Made my way through a jumble of pit of boulders.  It took several hours to go through that 1  mile.  Setup camp with several other hikes.  Has some of the hikers singing hoist, hoist, hoist it to the top don’t let it drop when they were hanging their food bag.  Called it a day at belopate lean-to cause the last two days I set up camp at or a little after sunset.  That and the other 8 nobos I was hiking with headed toward frye notch lean-to and it would be a packed house trying to find an empty tent spot and it was when I read the shelter log when I got there.  Was going to go in Andover me today but the road was washed. Was going to see about some work for stay at the high 5 hostel  and raid the hiker box for food and such.  Good thing I didn’t which I was thinking was going to be the case I found out that the hostel was full from a sobo a the hall mountain lean to where I set up camp after a 15 mile day.  Rain delay today.  There is another road into Andover me 4 miles north of here not and easy 4 miles though.  Down a thousand feet up a thousand feet back down a thousand feet to the road.  But I may have a better chance with a work for stay at hostel since that group I was hiking with will be back on the trail so I am thinking anyway.  Just check it out and hope I get lucky.  Sat out the day today and read the book “command and control” from beginning to end.  Found out the high 5 hostel in Andover was full again today cause of a football game. Since it had been full the last two days hopefully people will move on and I will get a spot tomorrow.  Here is hoping.  Didn’t have any motivation today so I just started eating A LOT of my food hopefully get my motivation back.  But now low on food of course.  We will see what I can get in Andover tomorrow then onto Rangeley and see what I can get there.  Didn’t go into Andover the road into Andover was deserted.  Got about 3 miles from beamis Mtn. lean-to before I got dumped on with rain.  Finally made it to beamis mtn. lean-to.  Tent pole snapped once again.  I think that makes 7 times now.  Found me a real tree mesh long sleeve shirt at beamis mtn. lean-to. SCORE.  Some gorilla glue maybe that will fix my tent pole.  Got a new book entitled “The Koran”. Apparently it is the Islamic bible another thru-hiker told me.  Should be interesting to read.  A section hiker shared her fully cooked brown rice with me as well.  Suppose to rain again tomorrow.  It was HELL coming down from Beamis mtn. lean-to.  More 45 degree or more flat click slabs of rock wet rock that is.  Fell 4 times skinned my knee and arm up.  Got about ½ mile from Sabbath day pond lean-to when I started to get rained on again.  Called it a day at sabboth.  Rain delay yet again today.  Will I ever get into Rangeley?? Made myself an alcohol stove today.  Works great.  Got some alcohol from a sobo and cooked up the last of my food which was plain spaghetti.  I tend to eat a lot of my food on these rainy days.  There is no rationing food out here. I have tried and it just eats away at  you till you say fuck it and eat cause your hungry and you have that hikers appetite then run out or short on food before next resupply.  I heard from a sobo that stopped by the next 5 days are suppose to be good no rain in the 70’s.  YAY. Hopefully I can score some food in Rangeley.  Scored a lot of trail magic at shelter this evening.  Delaware Dave showed up and gave me some trail mix, 2 packages of ramen, 2 packages of peaches and cream oatmeal, another thru-hiker gave me a snickers bar and fruit bar, another gave me a rice side, package of ramen and this female hiker gave me a meal as well.  Hikers helping hikers I have helped out hikers myself that needed it. You just have to let them know if your out of food or need something and someone is sure to help.  Some of the hikers are glad to get rid of the food weight more then your thankful for the food.  I just seem to be in the right place at the right times. Went into Rangeley today in the rain.  The nice ladies at Ecopelagian let me camp next to their store for free.  Got a lot of food from the hiker boxes in town and from Delaware Dave and others from extra food they had in their mail drops SCORE.  Also got some more heet for my stove.  Got a ride into Rangeley right off the bat as well.  I am  getting there but having a HELL of a time doing it though. Only 220 miles to Katahdin.  Left Rangeley after spending a few days there.  Got a ride back to the trail and a cold bottle of Budweiser.  Talked to a couple in the parking lot about the at for a couple hours it seemed like then the sun starting going down so I headed down the trail to piazza rock lean-to which was only a couple of miles away and setup camp.  Got a couple of books from the library one entitled “the deceived” the other “bitten”. Had chicken rice ride and tuna for supper.  Maine is my least favorite state on the at.  Cause of the steepness of the mtns.  But mainly cause of all the flat slabs of 45 degree or greater most of the time wet slippery rock I keep slipping/sliding/falling down on.  It is just a pain in the ass climbing down these mtns. And time consuming as HELL.  I don’t know why I bother drying out my shoes/socks anymore.  It only takes but a second on the at before they are soaked again.  Love how the at runs you right up a creek as well. Right up the middle of a creek running down the mtn. not to mention all the mud and bogs as well. But IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!! Can’t forget all the rock drop offs as well.  Going along the trail and all of a sudden the rock just drops off 6 inches or more lovely. It is starting to get chilly here at night.  I don’t see my breath yet but it is getting close though.  Set up camp at poplar ridge lean-to.  

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