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Sign said Clyde Smith Shelter 3.3 miles N.  3.3 miles my ASS. Don't know where they get their mileage from but it has been screwed up since Springer.  People say it is the pack weight but I disagree.  It is the 45 degree up climb on a mtn for several thousand feet that is the problem.  I can carry my pack all day long if I am not going up and down mtns. all the time.  Even without my pack I get winded climbing up a mtn. after getting water from a spring. Oh well just slam some more honey or a couple of snickers and go back at it. Tomorrow is another day another couple of mtns to climb. It is just another day in PARADISE. Holy Fucking wind today, climbing open pasture mtns. today winds had to be about 50 mph coming in from the side had to hold my hat the whole time.  I took a break behind some rocks to get out of the wind.  Found an army ammunition box for a m-13.  Full of mostly crap but did have some bounty to go and a 3x5 memo book that I took.  A big storm is rolling in tonight.  I broke a nail today DAMN IT.  I had to quit for the day after that :) :) :).  Ran out of snickers today I seem to go through that faster then water but with these mtns. no wonder.  I am still wondering if I am going to have any weight left when I get to Maine :) :) :).   Happy B-day Uncle Adolph.  The stoners on the trail told me it was 4-20 today.  Sky was looking pretty dark this morning.  Took a break at Mountaineer Shelter which is the first shelter I have seen with three floors to it.  Skies cleared up around midday sun came out and I continued down the trail.  More storms for tonight they say.  No storm last night.  Most people still seem to be going for those miles while I am just enjoying the view.  Virginia is coming up soon.  Be a nice change of pace from mtn climbing.  0-100 miles climbing 100-200 miles climbing 200-300 miles climbing 300-400 miles climbing. Saw the widest waterfall on the AT today, took a swim and washed.  Another Hellacious climb up out of the waterfall as well.  Woody unloaded his food bag on me again.  So much for that energy bar and protein drink before the climb.  More trail magic at the park, bologna sandwich/chips/oatmeal cream pie/soda.  The mtns were laughing at me again today.  Saying you want to get somewhere today HA!!!! You have to get over me first and I am a 5000' 45 degree or more climb.  The mtn after that says the same thing and the one after that and after that.   But I was pushing it really hard to try to catch Wild Rain who was doing 25-30 miles a day. It was misty all morning. I finally got to Vandeventer Shelter started raining.  Can Man showed up and gave me a data book.  I had lunch, stopped raining still misty decided to stay though hip was on fire on the way to Vandeventer going to let it rest for the day.  I burned my hip up chasing that hot piece of ass Wild Rain.  Plus stay warm and dry as well.  Write in my journal and read a book left in the shelter entitled "one day at a time" by Danielle Steele.  If you happen to lose the AT pick the trail that goes up that is usually the one it loves going up.  Besides we all know how much joints/muscles love the cold/wet weather.  It cleared up in the afternoon sun cam out turned out to be a beautiful day once the morning mist burned off.  Group of boy scouts showed up and camped at the shelter.  They had trouble getting a fire going after awhile I gave them some of my birch bark from my pack to help them out.  They still couldn't get a fire going.  So finally I grabbed one of my bic lighters and put a handful of birch bark on fire and got it going for them.  Then I explained to them the physics of wet fire making/maintaining and showed them how to maintain a fire with wet wood.  I think I pissed one of the adults off because he was there trying to help them get a fire going with no luck either then here I come and get it going and explain to them what to do.  I paid it no mind.  If you sit here and pay attention you will know the next time.  Then the boy scouts were trying to cut trees/branches that were three to four inches thick with a Swiss army knife saw.  I let them use my folding saw which is still a chore with trees/branches that thick.  Lost and Found showed up at the shelter but continued on to a campsite because the kids were real jumpy and his dog Eloise was not fond of that.  Caught up to Lost and Found the next morning and continued down the trail with him and Eloise.  It was a big 22 mile day today, although the AT still never fails to go up whenever possible.  I want to ride a roller coaster baby baby I want to ride a roller coaster.  I wanted to get as close to Damascus, VA as possible.  I stopped at Abingdon Gap Shelter for the night.  I have only ten more miles into Damascus now.  Went into Damascus and resupplied at DG. I bought all the snickers there which were 50. Upset some hikers but there were other places in town to get snickers.  Went to grocery store and grabbed a couple of steaks to cook at campsite. Found magic box full of sodas and snacks.  Hip held up better then expected considering a 22 mile roller coaster. I love my solar shower especially when the water source is 1/2 miles away from the shelter which is a 1 mile round trip. One trip and I have enough water for supper/breakfast to do dishes etc.  There is 464.4 miles of mtn climbing from Springer to Damascus.  Suppose to flatten out after Mount Rogers which is about thirty miles north of Damascus and is 5000' YAY.  It is just another day in PARADISE.  Hip bothering me again today but only when I am not carrying my pack figure that one out.  I camped out at campsite 1/2 mile up Iron Mtn.  No water had to hike to bottom of mtn to road for mtn spring.  Filled five gallon solar shower full lugged it up to campsite which was crazy insane. Lost and Found camped at same campsite bought/shared 12 pack of beer with me got drunk and sat around campfire bullshitting till way past hiker midnight.  Going to take a zero tomorrow maybe hip will be better after that. As you know I burned my hip up chasing Wild Rain.  Hot little number has every guy on the trail chasing her. If your not on top of a mtn your not on the AT. Good night from PARADISE. You win for they day mtns but I will be back at it tomorrow. Lost and Found went down the trail today.  I took a zero. Went into the grocery store and bought a couple of steaks and some propel singles.  That should help replace some of the fat/protein. Drinking the last three beers and getting fat and happy today.  This is the life, just sitting in the woods relaxing watching the time go by.  I got me some vitamin water as well.  Yeah after the steaks/vitamin water it knocked me the fuck out.  I took another TBPNT. Waist belt on pack won't go any tighter.  I am heading down the trail myself in the morning if it is not raining.  If your not climbing up/down a mtn your not on the AT. I climbed out of GA, NC, and TN now climbing out of VA.  VA is flat my ass, still rollercoaster.  More "S" or switchback bullshit up/down mtns.  Saw a box turtle right on the trail today. Have a full pack of food though otherwise I would cook him up.  Holyfucking wind again today.  Walking in open prairie today winds had to be 50-70 mph. kept blowing me off the trail practically blowing me over.  The wind is coming from the side.  Blew my hat off once lucky I got it back.  Big Storm coming through suppose to rain tonight.  Skies have been dark all day but rain has held off so far.  Thomas Knob Shelter was full so I went off to find a campsite.  Found a pristine camp spot.  Got pine trees all around me and nothing above me but sky.  Still windy as fuck but absolutely no wind where I have my tent setup.  I am walking on rocks and on/over boulders for 12 miles today of course up mtns DUH.  I surprisingly have not twisted an ankle yet.  My hip is back to normal again.  Thanks THOR for keeping the rain off me today.  I love my Coleman Max tent. Weighs only 4 lbs. 10 oz. packed weight and it 6.6 x 4.6 so quite roomy and big enough to spend the day in if I need too.  It has kept me dry so far. More rock climbing today.  I spent the majority of the day rock climbing walking on/over rocks/boulder.  The wind still wants to knock my hat off.  Had a horse and her young one follow me today.  The sign says 1 mile to Hurricane Mtn. Shelter.  That was the longest mile ever.  The shelter was on top of a mtn with no tent sites and you had to walk back down to get water.  So I just set up camp down near the water source.  Got to a parking lot at Dicky Gap and this guy gave me some food and a beer.  3 or 4 days of walking on/over jagged rocks= fun.  Climbing everything like a little kid= fun. Enjoying another day in PARADISE = Priceless. To the left of the trail no rocks to the right of the trail no rocks on the trail rocks galore.  It must be someone’s idea of some sick joke.  We'll make hikers walk on jagged rocks all day that will teach them to hike.  And I wonder why I can't walk after a break or in the morning I get the hiker hobble all the time.  Bit is an extraordinary adventure too bad the climbing gets in the way.  Lost and Found is only a half day ahead of me.  I should catch up to him tomorrow. Would have caught up to him had I not did 3 miles southbound by mistake and camping early instead of making it to Partnership Shelter where he was at.  Stopped at Partnership Shelter took a shower and continued down the trail.  I am going to sop looking at mileage sign they only piss me off.  I spent the night at Chatfield Shelter.  Started hiking the next morning went about 1/4 mile from the shelter and it started raining so I double timed it back to the shelter.  I stayed at the shelter for awhile.  Quit raining.  Then I decided to give it another shot.  I got about 2 miles from the shelter and it started raining and spitting again.  I continued down the trail into Atkins VA. I got wetter from walking in the wet grass then the rain.  Stopped at Gas Station in Atkins and grabbed a few things.  Stopped and took a break at Davis Path Shelter or what was a shelter.  No side or roof just a floor picnic table and privy no water source.  Over 500 miles I am no longer a hiker I am officially a mtn climber because I am still climbing up/down mtns.  There is no hiking to it.  I passed a school house from the 1800's.  I checked myself in mirror at Gas Station bathroom.  Yeah my beard is completely out of control. LOL.  Oh well.  11 more miles till we get to heaven.  11 more miles we get to the chicken ranch/knot, those 18/22 mile days make for a looooooong day.  Bland VA is only 2-3 days away.  Resupply at DG there :) :). Get me some more combos :) :) :).  I ran across some more trail magic honey buns/sodas. The AT went though some private property and they had some ladders you had to climb over to get over the barbwire fence.  While I was doing that all I could think of was Private Pyle from Full Metal Jacket and the Sarge yelling at him well what the fuck are you waiting for get up and over get the fuck off my obstacle private Pyle. You worthless piece of shit I am going to rip your balls off so you can not contaminate the rest of the world.  Get the fuck off my obstacle.  It is funny moments like that that put me back in a good mood and laughing cause this climbing up never fucking ends.  I use the same full metal jacket scene on some of the huge mtns as well.  The sarge in that movie is hilarious always puts me in a good mood.  Lost and Found is still a half day ahead of me.  Wild Rain is 4 or 5 days ahead no chance in catching that ass.  Chestnut Knob shelter is the first stone shelter with four walls and a door.  WOW!!! They even have Plexiglas for windows.  They got the fireplace half done and gave up on it.  Heard from the sarge again today come on Private Ryen get up that mtn.  Come on the fucking war will be over by the time you get up this mtn.  Don't you dare quit on me Private Ryen don't you dare quit. Another 10 miles to Jenkins shelter they say it's downhill but I'm not convinced I'm on to this trail I know its tricks.  Oh after the gnarly climb up to chestnut I'm home free and then BAM!!!! A million ups and downs too intense and small too make it on the map.  All of a sudden the 20 you were hoping for isn't.  But we will see what I get out of it.  Would like to catch Lost and Found but what I get I get.  Now drop your cocks and grab your socks you have another 10 miles to go :) :) :) :).  20 mile day reached Jenkins Shelter after dark.  I am not going to do much more of those. Too loooooong of a day and you barely get enough sunlight to set up camp and eat and forget about relaxing.  I want to enjoy this not walk all day.  But I think the reason people do big miles in VA is cause of the absence of water along the trail.  You fill up on water then the next water source is 4 miles or more down the trail at one point it was 8 miles. Well I will go into Bland VA to resupply and then hit Helveys Mill Shelter that will be another 20 mile day if I make to the shelter.  I will just suck it up cause of the resupply.  I ended up walking a mile away from Bland because the book said east so I got out my compass and went east.  Come to find out when the book says east it really means right and when it say west it really means left.  So I had to walk back a mile then another 2.5 miles into Bland and resupplied at DG and then hiked another 2.5 miles back and another mile to get back on the AT. Didn't make it to Helvey Mill Shelter after all that hiking I called it quits for the day and setup camp next to Kimberly Creek.  Of course no one picked me and took me into Bland were you thinking people were nice???  Good thin I didn't go to the shelter yesterday.  It was a 2 mile climb straight the fuck up the mtn.  Where’s the water? It is at the bottom of the mtn.  Where does the trail go?  It goes up to the top of the mtn and stays there. That is why people do high miles in VA because the water sources are so far apart.  Kind of makes you wish it would rain so at least you can harvest to rain water.  Reminds me of a few times where everyone is just hanging out and someone would ask where's the water source?  You see that stuff falling from the sky.  That's your water source.  It was a little chilly last night at Jenny Knob Shelter had to wear my stocking cap over my nose.  It didn't seem to warm up at all yesterday.  It is now may and still cold.  I guess it never really warms up in the mtns.  Yesterday couldn't find water for nothing.  Today water is everywhere on the trail.  Lowlands-water high mtns/top of mtns= no water.  I played in dismal creek falls today. Wow my calves look huge at least twice as big as when I started.  Chow down on some more dried fruit and then hit the trail some more.  Although it doesn't seem to matter what I drink or eat I still lost weight.  My hip belt on my pack won't go any tighter. :( :( :(.  I miss my love handles. I want my love handles back.  WAAAAAAH.  BOOOfuckingHOOO.  That dehydrated fruit is great and loaded with vitamins but it gives me terrible gas. I suppose it is the fruits way of giving me a little extra push up the mtns. EH?? Camping in some lowlands today by a creek hopefully it will be warmer then yesterday. I finished the day at 18 miles. Tents are a lot warmer then the shelters are that is for sure.  They say 10-15 degrees warmer but I don't know if it is that big a difference.  Gipsie Girl came hiking by me today.  She is a 68 year old woman who broke her leg on the trail last year and is trying the trail again this year she is from Australia.  Another day with no water sources on the trail.  I filled up at the creek this morning.  Finally after walking all day found a spring and campsite.  Heading into Pearisburg VA tomorrow to get a few more items make sure I have a full supple cause Pearisburg VA is the last resupply for awhile like 70 miles or so I believe.  Then it is back to PARADISE again.  Sitting around a campfire roasting marshmallows watching the time go by AHHHHHHHHH what a life.  Now ain't that some shit.  The trail goes down to the bottom then you go back up when you get the road in to town.  Left Pearisburg got back on the trail and holy fucking up.  Straight up.  I did about 1500' in a couple of miles.  After that I said screw Rice Field shelter where the water source is 1/2 mile away from the shelter. I set up camp near a spring and cooked up 2 1.25 lbs. steaks for supper and 2 snickers along with 2 bottles of Sobe vitamin water mango melon.  A south bounder stopped by and said that this was the first time he saw a thru-hiker cooking up steaks at a campsite.  Another thru-hiker stopped by and took some pictures of me cooking up the steaks.  Then a hiker from Germany showed up and asked if he could camp.  Of course you can I wouldn't mind the company. I think that makes 6 Germans I have met or heard about on the trail so far.  It started raining this evening.  Some other hikers showed up in the rain.  Trying to make a serious effort to replace the fat and protein and vitamins electrolytes I am using up with propel singles summer sausage steaks vitamin waters.  It sucks to be the hikers that just showed up setting up tents in the rain.  But it is what it is.  I had to fix one of my tent poles today as well.  Good thing I carry a roll of duck tap and a tent repair kit with me for such things.  Especially and of course it rains when something breaks luckily I got it fixed and everything set up before the rain.  The gods seem to love me because I have been very fortunate with the rain.  Thank You Odin, Thor, Freya. Until next time same PARADISE time same PARADISE channel. Why didn't you stay at the shelter?  I would have if I could find the SOB.  They sometimes seem or feel like they are past bumfuck at times. I was a little warm today. Once again there is only one water source between Rice Field Shelter and Pine Swamp Shelter.  I was full on water when I went by that one water source.  Had to stop on a few occasions started getting light headed and really low on energy.  It is 2.5 miles till pine swamp shelter and water.  I will call it a day at 15 miles for the day. According to my data book the trail had water everywhere north of the trail again.  12 water sources in the next 30 miles.  I had some section hikers share their pizza with me.  Took a nice walk little walk on rocky road today.  Boulders all over the trail you had to step on/over.  Then it was up up up up up straight up again to Baily Gap Shelter.  Stopped there took a break.  Then it was holy Played runaway hiker going down that.  Let's put gravel/loose rocks all over the trail that a great idea.  The downs are more dangerous then the up because you can blow out a knee ruin a shin trip and tumble down bust an ankle all more prone to do so on the down then going up.  There was a straight up climb to Laurel Creek shelter of course after going down to war spur shelter.  They have these little paths along the side of the trail for rain run off but I like to call them runaway hiker lanes.  One thing I don't like about these data books is their use of n, s, and e, w they say such and such town is so many miles e or w of the trail on such and such road.  But what they really mean is it is either left or right cause if you’re using a compass it is not even close to e/w.  So why don't they just say L/R instead cause if it is not e/w why say e/w just say take a right/left at this road for this many miles to this town.  Found April's issued of playboy at Laurel Creek Shelter and a couple pair of socks as well.  I got to the trail that leads to Sarver Hollow Shelter which was 1/2 mile down the mtn from the trail.  I decided not to stay there.  Left my pack at the top next to the sign and went down to get water and check out the shelter.  It was a kick ass shelter but a little too far from the trail if your not going to spend the night which I suppose is why it is still a kick ass shelter.  Found a mini deck of cards and some waterproof matches.  Headed back down the trail and got a couple of miles before I had to setup camp right as soon as storm was hitting. Set out my rain harvesting gear so I could have water for breakfast cooking.  I started the day with some rock climbing over ridge of mtn.  I took a break at niday shelter.  I came across the eastern continental divide trail as well.  Saw a tire on side of trail at Craig Creek Calley stopped and made some new insoles for my boots out of the tire.  I should be good for another 30,000 miles.  Fixed my boots and cleaning up the environment at the same time.  Found a magic box at the top of the Audie Murphy Monument full of sodas ice cold sodas.  I spent the night next to trout creek.  The AT is very stubborn about going down it seems to find another little hill to go up or keep you at the top for awhile not really wanting you to go down the mtn.  I guess it feels that you are leaving it because the AT loves going up and being at the top of mtns.  I went rock climbing again today.  Thought I was going to meet Odin, Thor today that is how high the AT was taking me today. 

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