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Angels & Wings closed down not too long ago. We now go to the Lions Den in Corbin on 25, in Mountain View Lodge. Straight up the side of the mountain next to Waffle House. We usually go on Friday nights, get there about 7-7:30. Our friends Wanda and Paul are still the karaoke people and several of the wait staff from Angels & Wings now work there.

The dance floor is smaller and the food/drinks cost a slight bit more, but the atmosphere is good, the people are friendly, and the place is clean and neat. The music is louder so it's hard to have an actual conversation but it's still fun to be there.

They have plenty of security staff on hand, cops make the rounds and no-one ever fights. That's a plus as we go to have fun, not to dodge beer bottles. My only issues are that they don't yet carry Smirnoff Green Apple Bite and bathroom is a mile away-by the time I get back to the dance floor its time to go back to the bathroom again...

If you are ever out that way, stop in and say hello, have a drink with us and spin around the dance floor. You won't be disappointed!!

Paul and I will be going dancing tomorrow night, Friday March 6, at Angels & Wings in Corbin. If you are out that way, stop in and say hello and have a drink with us, and a few dances. Hope to see you all there!...Babs
Paul and I will be at Angels & Wings in Corbin tonight about 8 pm...If anyone wishes to stop by and have a drink with us, we would love to have you, err, I mean your company, lol.... Stop in and say hello and have a few drinks & dances, its karaoake night but theres some good singers around this area, Patrol off my list here is excellant, if she's there tonight, we will be cheering her on... Oh and Merry Christmas to all of you!! Have a safe but fun filled weekend!
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