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if you look at me you see a normal guy but theres more to this face. Behind this mask hides emotion of anger,confusion,conviction,derpession ,anxiety,parenioa,and lost sense of worldly judegment.i am blind to them not becuase i have bad eye sight but because i choice not to see,hear,and feel not noticing and observering the daily activities that carry on about by people living there lives . i wish i am blind death and mute so i can see clearing in perception in the heart and mind.where am i when these things are all happening? ussually in my room with my music up and singing along the best a can.maybe its my greatest love you can say. I have insomnia and scitzafrenia.insomnia is an illnes where you cant fall asleep regularly like normal peopel.without pills i would sleep 30 minutes and be up for 6 hours and then doze of to sleep for another 30 minutes and it repeats. sleeping 2 hours total a day makes you feel like you are always dreaming and cam't wake up from it.a day feels like 7 days thats why i seems lost or seemed disposition or out of placement and oh wow scitzafenia is like fear factor except you dont eat bugs you hilusinate.seeing demons ans ghost and all types of poeple.some scary some not.but ive seeen these thing so many times i dont know what to be scared of.im not espepcially scared of people cause ive seen satan himself with is all dark black eyes.the odd thing is hes tried to decieve me and said he was jesus but i dont believe it .jesus eyes wouldnt be all black and satan had a threaten look towards me like i migh attack him cuzes he decieved me so bad i wanted to kill him.but as my learning to become a better christien i learn not to faer him and ignore him if he ever comes back.thats just one demon ive met this other demon was worse then satan hes asian his head was 3 times ours and teeth that looks like sharks teeth. well he followed me from somewhere to check me out and size me up. since i had no fear of his pressence. after that he countnt resist and came to talk to me and ask if i wanted to be his best friend ,i said 'no i dont like people like you'he is bad he had quick lightning hands he stoled all me change and money and wallet in less then a quarter of a second.he promise to teach me to do all these and more.i would be able to put gold on my teeth if i wanted only if he could stay with me and be his friend.im a man of god why would i want to be with a demon besides money means nothing to me when you die you take nothing with you but you, problely naked too .also i know im not crazy because some demons would talk in deferent languages such as laos words i never heard before like breaking of destiny breaking of the 3 conscious and opening the third eye.breaking down of the conscious just means you can hear you conscious talking back to you like real people with their own ideas and motives.the good conscious you can hear in your brain in the forehead area and the bad you can hear around your heart area.you can also hear the good and the bad either your left or right ear. ive done all that but i am upset cause god said if there are any people with gifts or gifts from demons such as witches they should be kill so it wont decieve people into believeing im a savior witch im not.truth hurts sometimes.they would teach me demonic spell of protection and recreational spell but there all demonic so i rejected their offering. god came into my life when i was 20 i got baptised at 24 and it ws the best feeling i ever felt, lifting the curse that buddhisim brought apon me that night i medititated for 8 hours and went into my first phsychotic episode at the temple.after i left the church 2 female ghost left the church and followed me they said they are my wives in the past but after knowing the bible a litle more they were demons posing as my wife to come an decieve me to be on there side. they said theyll make me rich i rejected since my desire for money is very low i was going through to much to mkae a god choice what i wanted then. in the future im writing about gainging the iilnes zcitzadrenia,telephy,gift to to talk to spirits,breaking the three conscious barrier,gaining your own free will orecles good and bad like the the devil and angel cartoons you see in cartoons(it might be a curse if you practice in some reliogions its call a gift .i call it a curse,you can hear them in your ear. left and right,how to cure the broken conscious and getting rid of the the 2 angels in your ear and disenchanting curse put apon you and walking in kumaton which inhancing you brain power of insight to think and analize questions such as how do i get rid fear of demons.it can be use to find answers to anything monks use it often.its a buddhist art but i dont think i should teach it cause im christian.walking in kumadon will cause you to hear voices too. you be walking back and forth for 10 hours and seems like only 15 minutes(theres are no such things as ghost just angels.theres bad ones too theyre called demons) by my own experience.i just need to know how to curing my insomnia k get rdy for some scary stuff. well thats all for now good night god is good, bless everbody and im hoping god bleses everyody tonight with happy dreams ,love life ,cerreer money, or whats so ever you want. gods grace can grant for you. remember just ask and ask him hard with beautiful words and he might give it to you he does for me many times . txs this me xiou oudawn faith like me or not but dont mock some peopel think im a little loose in the head and ive heard it to amny times to hear it again.Amen

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