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Toxic Waist's blog: "Toxic Waist"

created on 02/05/2007  |  http://fubar.com/toxic-waist/b52073
the current Jeopardy champion is a psychiatrist...i can only imagine how cool it is for his patients to see him on teevee. damn, i really wanna be on Jeopardy! i would kick some serious nerd ass, methinks. it's snowing and snowing and snowing, blizzard-like! feh. it was nice today though, it was cloudy and dark most of the day. perfectly fit how i'm feeling, actually. saw my p-doc tuesday, we dropped 2 meds and went up on another. now i just feel more "blah" and am more scattered than ever (one of the meds dropped was Strattera). current med line-up Depakote 1000mg Trazodone 300mg Cytomel 25mcg Cymbalta 120mg Lyrica 370mg Yasmin ...i think that's everything. we dropped Remeron and Strattera which weren't really doing much. i hope my package comes tomorrow. i'm getting a new suit (it's pretty jade green!), a new cap (it's pink silicone with SKULLS ALL OVER IT! SKULLS! ON MY HEAD!), a new pair of goggles (specially designed for women's faces, they're called "Vanquish" and pretty lilac lenses!), and lastly a guy's nylon-mesh drag/practice suit since my drag shorts are too small (i tried to find dark green ones to match my suit, but they only had red, blues, and black...so i got black). oh, and if it wasn't obvious, i'm talking about swimming-gear. i really wanna get one of those little waterproof radios that attach to your goggle-strap with earphones so you ca listen to music and stuff. my brain gets bored with laps. i think it's best if i just ignore how shitty i feel. i know that that won't make it go away, but i'll at least have a modicum of functionality. because right now, i'm bloody useless. feh. i think i'm addicted to Hershey Hugs...even more so than Kisses. holy crap, Hugs are great...not as great as the FSM, but pretty close. i mean really, who doesn't wanna go to a heaven with a stripper factory and a beer volcano!?
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