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68 Year Old · Male · From Chicago, IL · Joined on October 12, 2008 · Relationship status: Single · Born on November 20th · 10 referrals joined!


Why I love Fubar...Hummmmm...Let me count the ways...

(1) Awesome Friends & Terrific PPL

(2) Fun & Entertaining

(3) Meeting The Sexy & Very Sexy! Pure enjoyment ladies I must say!

(4) Great friends...Female & Male Fans/Male & Female Fans Of...Sorry guys no male fu-friends...have a great day one & all!

Here's why I made my choice to become a Fu-Bar Demon...

I have "ZERO"~"0"



"BULLSHIT (bull shit) ... PERIOD (period)!"

Try bringing it & you'll see me at my demon best..."I walk away from all BS Drama and the people who create it!"

Oh & One Other Thing...I will be sure to leave you with a little som-som to ,ake a lasting impression to remember me by.


Ok...Time for an "About Me" update...

Real Name: Yoshayah Ben Yehudah

Wife: None (at this age...it's just about a done deal)

Children: (1 girl) Ameziyah, (2 boys) Yoshayah Jr. & Jaron Sr. ... 7 grand sons & one on the way! Yayyyyyy! 2 grand daughters.

The clan minus a few new grand children...there will be a total of 10 on all after birth of 1 more boy...

Job: Certified I.B.E.W. Journeyman A Electrician

Favorite Color: Red...

Favorite Food: Mac & cheese, pizza, lamb, veg., greens, beans, peas, and sweets...ok...after heart attack Aug 27th 2014...not any more! I'm no longer eating Mac & cheese, pizza, lamb. Glad I like greens, beans, peas, and some sweets.

Hobbies: Video games...lol, some writing...well not much anymore & reading only because of the internet...lol

Pets: yea....a change here! 3 pit~bulls!! Gotta have some type of security in da big city....hehehehe

Car: 87 Mint Condition Cadillac Eldorado and a 1997 Chevy 2500 Van.
As you can see..."the bus is not an option"...LOL!

Right or left handed: Right...

Favorite TV Shows: Blacklist, NCSI, Sports...

Favorite Movie: Harlem Nights...

Favorite Smell: Sunday Dinner...

Favorite Singer: Bob Marley...

Rings Before I answer the Phone: At least 2...

Pen or Pencil: Pen...

Favorite Number: 7...

Favorite Car: Corvette...

Favorite Saying: "We Shall Overcome!"...

Birthday: Nov 20, 1954...

Tattoo: None...

Best Feeling: Watching my children grow then and my grandchildren grow now ...

Dream Job: Owning my own...

I have been through anguish of an eternal hell as I've survive my nearly 60yrs of existence inside this mortal shell.

Once looking near & far for real love ever so true now I dare cast my hopeful eye upon something new...

I only ask that you be truthful & gentle with me and not play those players games that I can plainly see.

For if in this way we can be from the very start we'll have the chance to see what's in our heart.

Only time & the future can clearly reveal what you really mean and how you truly feel.

Who is my lifetime match?

Result: They are born between 21st June - 23rd July

(really...hummmm never dated anyone born during this time & the following is so surprisingly true...it's scary!!)

You're a real charmer but you don't get swept along by the first person who shows an interest in you.

You need time to be sure of your feelings and you don't get involved lightly. But when you wake up one day telling yourself you want and love a certain person, your life takes on a whole different meaning.

You cover them with kisses and can come across as a bit possessive. No-one touches the one you love! As for your loyalty, it's exemplary. Out of all the people you have encountered throughout your life, you will want to be loved-up in the arms of a one of these kinds of people...and stay there.

You two form a wonderful alliance together. From the moment your two meet, a calm climate, full of love and serenity, will be born.

You will feel good in their company, you have more things in common than differences. Like you, they love children and family. Alongside them, you will feel like you're in a cocoon, without ever becoming bored. And you have one thing on your mind: building a happy, comfortable and solid nest with them!

"Could There Really Be Such A Soul-Mate Like This Somewhere In My Future?"

Have a wonderful year full of joy and success!

(Y.B.Y.) ~ The Hebrew



Thank You Fubar

Aka Lion :o)

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~My Owner~ & ~My Crush~

68 Year Old · Male · From Chicago, IL · Joined on October 12, 2008 · Relationship status: Single · Born on November 20th · 10 referrals joined!
Learning how to grow old gracefully & with class...

I'm interested in the best older age can bring...

I'm not afraid of what the latter years entails...I fully understand what it means & oh sooooooo blessed to get there!

I'm interested in those that respects me and I can respect in turn!

Age is nothing but a number...but wisdom comes with a content heart. My interest here is to know good fu's no matter the age, creed, race, shape, fashion, or form who is wise in their own right.

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