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10 Don’t do commandments:


  1. Don’t put up a profile pic that is not you.
  2. Don’t put up a profile pic of you in a time of your life when you looked good, and now you are do not (Update your pics!!!).
  3. Don’t put up a profile pic that animates a hot chic, then morphs into YOU.
  4. Don’t fill your photo albums with pics that you are not in.
  5. Don’t constantly use pics of you with your hot friend(s) to try to make us think that SHE is YOU.
  6. Don’t go to some porn page and get pics of them and pass it off as you.
  7. Don’t do the above to start a page (as the porn girl) when you are a guy you F’n nutjob!
  8. Don’t pass yourself off as an extravert when you are an introvert.
  9. Don’t (as a guy) be disrespectful to people that aren’t any of the above!!!
  10. 10.  Just… Don’t do that...
GoodHope you all are having a great day!
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