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Hades's blog: "Work Stories"

created on 05/18/2009  |  http://fubar.com/work-stories/b295822

I'll try to be succint here, but here's what's happening right now at work. Hopefuly it all makes some sort of sense


So at the moment we have a teacher who's been with us for two years now, who is in charge of running the course for the oldest students we have. Unfortunately he is utterly useless, and everyone but himself knows it but are all unwilling to do anything about it.


Now to the point (mostly). He came to us late on Wednesday to ask for something Thursday morning. Problem was, he fucked up and didn't give us any information beforehand, and he had someone important coming in from outside to check on how he did what he wanted. Eventually after sorting things out (and the added luck of having to work late that day or he was fucked completely) we arranged what he needed.

So come thursday morning, we put the equipment, chemicals and so on and so forth in his lab as requested, the lesson is taught and we pack everything away after.


Now here's where the fun really begins. The jackass teacher didn't follow the safety instructions because he didn't know how to use the fume cupboard and wouldn't ask how, as well as other things. As such, a fairly volatile chemical evaporates in to the classroom to enough of a degree as to give a student an asthma attack who used the lab afterwards, and has to be sent home and put on stronger steroids by her doctor.


Come friday and the incident is being looked in to, people are being questioned, information gathered and the clueless idiot is trying to lay all the blame on my and my colleagues boss (who chose the wrong day to not be at work) even though we have a ton of evidence to show we did nothing wrong and he's just a fuckwit who can't follow instructions or take responsibilty for his own balls up.


God we hope he gets fired.

This is the lengths of despicableness that people will go to.


Multiple persons have an issue with their manager, who shall be refered to as person C.


So Person A, messages their friend, person B about person C. There's some back and forth (as there is in most conversations) and person A assuming this was a confidential conversation between 2 friends thought nothing of it.


However, (and here comes the point), person B decides to print off the conversation, show it to person C, who promptly gets Person A fired. With immediate effect.


Now really, who the flaming shit does that? To a supposed friend no less...

Short one.


Quote from the head teacher during our first day of meetings.


"There's no other place than heaven I'd rather be"


That's a little sad...

So I said I would do one of these, though there really isn't much to say.


I ended up working right out front all but 1 day and on the second shift of my doubles. Mostly all I did was direct people and take photos for them. There's probably a good dozen or so pictures of me floating around in peoples photos as well, even a couple of videos. Other than that, spent most of the time just randomly talking to people, the police and workmates. The other two days I caught a little of probably the worst two sports in my arena, weightlifting and greco roman wrestling, but it was nice to see something.


I had fun, had a really good team to work with that made the days go quicker and more enjoyably (there is a photo up of us all). 16 days in a row with 3 double shifts did take it's toll by those last few days, but it was all worth it.


Only had one bad moment but that was sorted out quick enough, was a bit of a weird situation.


Other than that, I'm glad I did it, and not just for the money as I thought it would be by the end of things.

I got this sheet of paper in my pigeon hole yesterday, turns out to be a leaving questionnaire, so they know wwhat I thought of my time there (not that they'll care).

It says be as honest as you want. 

But how honest is too honest?

For example, the last question is roughly along the lines of "What could we do to improve the working experience".


As soon as I saw that my immediate though was "Sack those two sorry excuses for teachers and humans in science, namely so and and that one".

Is that too honest considering they aint seeing me for dust?

So there's this guy at work now, replacing the usual teacher who went on maternity leave.

I hate this dude, with a serious passion. Now, I don't hate much, or easily, but this guy seriously irks me in every single way.

Same guy I mentioned in another blog that calls me "big Lew*.

Amongst the many other reasons I hate him are:

  • His greeting of "Yo".
  • The retarded nicknames he gives everyone
  • His irritating "I'll laugh at my joke because no one else will" laugh
  • His know it all attitude
  • The fact he's shit at teaching, and he's meant to be a teacher
  • His blatant disregard for how the department works, even though he's worked there before
  • He lets the kids get away with everything, today one class stole at least 4 batteries, the big D ones

I was doing some work on eBay today, he walked in to the room, saw my ring and asked if I was engaged. I politely said yes, he asks "really, or are you joking", I say yes, I am, my boss says, he is, he says, "no, you're joking right" I say no. He wants more information, I say no, turn away, and get on with my work.


Aint talking to that prick

Working in a school is a treacherous job, especially when you're not a teacher or senior staff. Not too bad for me as I'm not there much longer, but I'm getting to see how it all "works".


For one, I never knew how much authority the head teacher had, she basically just implements stuff with no discussion and no consideration to the people affected. Is very much hated by the people not up her ass.


Second, the people. Even when they know they are being wronged, they'll say one thing in one situation, but then turn around and do something completely different when faced by other people. Which pisses everyone else off, because it's difficult to stand up for yourselves as a group when certain people are too chicken.


Makes for a rather stressful environment, people quitting left right and centre. Glad I wont be staying.

So I went and donated blood a little a while ago. As usual, it didn't particularly go well for me, but something else happened that made me laugh.


This other woman was in there, and it was her first donation. She looked over at me at one point, apparently I was rather pale, almost made her not want to go ahead with it.


Ok not "that" funny, sue me.

Here's a good one.


Earlier today a teacher was subjected to an attempt on her life. Her drink was spiked with hair dye during a lesson, as well as another student spitting in it.


Luckily one of the less criminal kids told her before she drank that.


That's the kind of school I work at....

Member of staff asking how to make a white coffee


"Where are the white coffee beans?"


Hilarity ensued, I suspect...

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