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Hades's blog: "Observations"

created on 02/25/2009  |  http://fubar.com/observations/b280385

Saw a crow eating a pigeon yesterday.


One less flying rat is no bad thing. 

Literally, tattooed on some dude's head, from behind each ear to the forehead.


Looked like a fool...to me at least

Almost forgot about this.


Walking to work, nearly 11am. In the little church garden next to the school, oldish slightly chunky lady sitting on a bench, has her shirt lifted up and is playing with her tits.


Can imagine my wtf double take face.

The Terminator.


A great film, looks excellent. Until you get to him taking his eye ball out.


Granted, it's an old film, but Arnie to plastic Arnie and back again looks hilariously poor now.


Goes to show how much has changed in so little time when you look at something like avatar and the like now.

Sitting here half watching the newest version of the Amityville Horror, and they've got the little dude in the corner doing all the sign language for the dialogue.

Makes me wonder if horror films really work with the deaf public, without all the sound effects and such, there's only so much of what they're saying that means anything.


Oh, and for none deaf people, that damn dude in the corner is distracting as hell.

Had to blog this 'cause it cracked me up.

Random photo on here of woman sitting on the toilet.

Comment from random bloke, and I quote - "very agile"


Since when did taking a dump or whatever be considered agile?

Ok, it made me laugh anyway....


Background details: Needed to buy some of those polystyrene packaging chips for our e-bay business at work. I ended up buying a 5 foot tall bag of the stuff.


K, now I've got that out of the way, here's the main point.

Was sitting on the bus with this bag in the pram area (luckily no prams came on, wasn't getting this thing anywhere else).

This guy gets on, chatting away on his phone, my bag of polystyrene things catches his eye.

He stands there for a good minute staring at the bag, plucks up the courage to raise his hand, extend a finger and...



wait for it




prod the bag, before promptly walking upstairs.

'tis my favourite season.

So, there I am, 9:30am, waiting for the bus to work. In my usual attire, trainers, tracksuit bottoms, short sleeved t-shirt, hoody slung over shoulder in case it rains.

Is pretty nippy, maybe 3, 4 degrees.


Old guy walks past me, gives me the dirtiest of looks, one of those ones where you can read their minds "wtf is up with this freak" kind of look.


Makes me smile that does.

So I was at the hospital today getting my arm checked out, and I noticed something amusing, to me. While I was waiting for both my x-rays, and in outpatients I noticed this.

It was that look you get when you arrive somewhere after someone, but get seen by who or whatever before them.

It's just priceless.

This blog is just going to be for random things I notice in the outside world. First off, public transport. Now, first thing I always notice here is how people arrange themselves, like there is some kind of unwritten rules. 1. Never sit next to someone if there is a double seat available (buses), or if there is a seat in between them and the next person, so as to leave a gap (trains). 2. On buses, if there is more than one double seat available in that row, do not sit directly behind or in front of the person. 3. Buses again, if you really do not want someone sitting next to you, sit on the aisle sit. Most people won't ask you to move. Now secondly, and the one that annoys me most. People will do their utmost to ram themselves onto the bus or train, regardless of the amount of people on there, even if the next bus or train will be there in one minute. That, i'll never understand.
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