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strange familiar's blog: "word play"

created on 06/30/2008  |  http://fubar.com/word-play/b227727
In her dreams, she can be Every thing you want to see In her mind, she's the one Who set the rising of your sun In her heart, all can hear Her shining voice ringing clear In her soul, a fantasy's face Quenching your longing with frills and lace In her eyes, a flame so bright Passions that crash beyond all sight In her hands, a love that burns Ripping away your twists and turns 'Tween her legs, is mortals clay Kneading all your seed away So when you pass her without pause You might simply wonder what's been lost
What mask shall I wear today? Hiding all my fears and pain…… Swallow down the sinking dread…… Chaos reigns within my head. My heart beats faster within my chest…… As I crawl into my cocoons sweet nest. Sick from the rush, I sway here dazed…… Quickly my skin is clammy and glazed. My face is flushed, streaming with sweat…… Dragging in a shallow breath. My stomach flows like a slow rivers waters…… Not a break in its current and it never falters. My hands are frozen; my soul in ice…… Trapped in this struggle dubbed modern life.
I glide with you behind my eyes Our hearts beat a rhythm that we define Moving against you; I feel you sway Locked in a dance that is our fate The music of us, drowns out all sound Crashing like lightening, it quakes the ground Following along note by note I can't stop the melody-it escapes my throat Your hands glide up and down my spine We move together, blending in time As my muse you inspire the words of our song And we continue dancing as the world moves along The tempo, it flows around us two Pushes us faster till sadly it ends…our song is through
Through the halls that lead from my heart to my head; In the cold moonlight, where others have fled… Is the Pandora's Box that is my mind; You dusted it off and peeked inside... You laughed so softly and whispered my name; Twisting my darkness, nudging my pain… Then gathered my beasties, you herded them up; Bound them in pleasure and wrapped them in love… Chained to your will, you command them about; Heeled to your hand, they beg with soft growls… Through sweet, teasing torture, molded to your whim; You unleashed my passion and voided my sins…. Then with a wave of your hand, you tucked them away; Replacing the lid, till the next time we play…
You say you love me; I believe you lie... While I've been drowning you've ignored my cries... Your cold indifference was like a blow... My reaction to it, surprised and slow... I never asked you to clean up my mess... Is a little concern too much to expect? You should be ashamed of the way that you've been... Who are you to judge what you consider my sin? Decisions I live with everyday... Your lack of understanding, makes it easy to blame... What you perceive of the way of my life... You guess more than know, assuming your right... This pressure I feel is weighing me down... You're sure I deserve your self-righteous frown... Never bothering with a supportive word... You've left me alone to face this cold world... And when I regain my balance again; Will you turn up here with the face of a friend? Your fickle heart has broken mine... But even now I'm nursing my pride... If ever I lose my step once more... I'll remember the way you deserted me before... And if ever you happen to fall face first... I'll return the favor and ignore your worst...
Over the years, you've built a wall, brick by stone, big and small. In the past you've raised your fence, post and rail to war against. Childhood lessons, you were taught, feelings are best not spoken and battles best not fought. The mates you've chosen have always been fucked. Has it been poor choices, or only poor luck? Still you continue to keep the rest at bay. But are you aware of the price you'll soon pay? We can't touch you; you're so sure its true, no way for the pain hidden to slip into view. But think of the path you've been carefully avoiding…… Remember the keys to your life open each new morning……
Wrapping me in your arms of smoke…… Covering me with your bittersweet cloak…… You run your fingers across my brain…… And never a reason for me to complain…… Waves of pleasure, sight and sound…… You bring me beauty from all around…… Deep release within my soul…… You've opened me up and here I go…… Waves of calm, touch and taste…… Rolled sheets of white at a sinful pace…… I breathe you in and hold you tight…… I sigh you out as I lose the fight…… Then reality knocks upon my door…… So I begin again and feel the soar…… Please don't judge me for feeding my need…… Everybody always wants salty then sweet……
I wish I could feel what's in your heart…… Would feeling what's there tear me apart? I wish I could be a piece of your soul…… If I felt it now, would I stay or go? I wish I could think what's on your mind…… Do you think I would shy from what's thought inside? I wish I could live a day of your life…… To know your struggles, could I carry your strife? I wish I could see me behind your eyes…… To know what's the truth or what's disguise.
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