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i am so frustrated. I try to treat people nicely the way I want to be treated. I am not a nasty person and I don't do mean things to others. i try to go out of my way to help others... at least I try to be friendly. I feel like I am really getting the short end of the stick these days. Today it was really raining and I was trying to use an ATM. A lady was coming out so I asked if she could hold open the door to the ATM room when she came out and she basically refused to do it. I had the damn MAC card in my hand for gods sake. So I got soaked because she could not be nice for five seconds!!!! Lately this kind of stuff seems to keep happening to me. I don't know why but I am really kind of upset about it. I feel like a punching bag. Like I am supposed to be nice and take everything and these other ppl can just be jerks and it is okay. Well it isn't and I have heard that Karma can be a real bitch! I am going to stay true to my heart and continue to treat others the way that I would LIKE to be treated....maybe it'll rub off on someone. Sorry if I sound like I am whining but I was just so upset that I had to let the steam off someway.
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