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my laptop is driving me insane!!! It keeps freezing up and it keeps booting me off the internet. My hubby was supposed to clear it off and reload windows but has not had chance yet. Also, all the backgrounds are coming up white including my own. I can't see any of them. i can't wait until this gets reloaded. hopefully that will get me up to speed and get my ability to see color backgrounds back. I do miss them cuzi know there are some really kewl ones on the pages of my friends and fans :(. I can't wait until he gets it all fixed. Until then, i suffer the white screens and live on...lol!!! peace to all :)
Well, the computer actually cooperated with me now. It moved faster and I am now skinned. Thank goodness cuz i was gettin chilly with no skin..BRRRRRR! I am having fun learning about this place. It is much faster paced than myspace that is for sure. I mostly liked making my profiles on myspace,tag world, youthink and msn. Once I connquered them, I came here. This seems more action packed and I am getting addicted to it!!!
Well I am trying to learn how to do things on this site but it is awfully difficult when the computer seems to be moving slower than those turtles, the slowskis! Usually it is pretty fast! I probably have some bugs that need to be cleaned out of here. I'll have to get my husband to work his magic on this thing. I was trying to set up a skin. I did all the backwork but can't seem to apply it. When I tried to apply the one I made, the little circle was spinning and spinning and spinning. I finally just gave up cuz it is after 2 am and I must get some sleep. So for now, I remain skinless. You'll have to forgive me. I'll have to try again some other time. Time for beddy bye. Sleep tight!
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