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Amy's blog: "Why I Love Nascar"

created on 02/10/2008  |  http://fubar.com/why-i-love-nascar/b186990
"A Prayer For The Drivers" This is a prayer to say before every race begins To keep all the drivers safe and God bless whoever wins So bow your heads with me, and together we will ask That God protect every driver for each and every lap... "Dear God in heaven we ask you to watch over this track and keep these drivers safe and sound for every single lap watch them and protect them with your caring watchful eye and bless them each and every time a green flag lap goes by we pray there are no cautions because of a crash and let them continue to race this race until the very last so which ever driver makes his way to Victory Lane we, the fans, know you heard our prayer and blessed us all the same... Amen"
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13 years ago
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