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Life is too short for the wasting away of our minds and souls. We have based our daily routines on the self-satisfaction of material life. Ultimately, no matter how un-materialistic we may think we are, we all endure this journey by, if you are like me, fighting to maintain enough wealth to pay the rent and bills whilst paying for food and school and any other of those expenses we all in developed nations face day-to-day. We eat, work, sleep, party, fuck and do all those human things that humans do, but how many of us have stopped to take time to re-connect ourselves to this beautiful universe? Or have stopped to absorb the energy we are constantly surrounded by instead of stealing it from those we love? Our parents, and our parents' parents, and our parents' parents' parents and so forth have all gone on worrying about physical and material security for years and years and years and years. Up until the past few years, this need has been justified in aiding our world to move forwards. Now, though, is the time for a global awakening. I am of course talking about the need for spiritual enlightenment! The need for a mass global collective consciousness. Peace is at our fingertips, yet it seems so hopelessly far away sometimes, doesn't it? Such an idea should, one would think, be universally welcomed and accepted. Shouldn't everyone be trying to live with the best of intentions and the warmest of hearts in an attempt to create that idealistic Utopia? That state of Shambhala? Life, as we know it, could be exponentially better!!! Our health, our homes, our relationships (intimate or not) and generally our overall happiness could be the best we would have ever known. A shift in mindset could see the development of impoverish nations, the feeding of every hungry belly, the adoption of cultural beliefs into other cultures and so forth. Now I am definitely not the most spiritually inclined, nor am I the most positive of people at times, but as an individual, I have begun to devote myself to following a healthy spiritual lifestyle. I am most assuredly not religious in any way, so I searched for something else to fulfill that void I was feeling. I have met many many wonderful amazing people and through these people I discovered a whole world right in front of me! It's the same world you and I both live in , the same people are around me, but it is 100% different. It is a world based entirely on love and energy. A close friend, who calls himself the "Love Activist" taught me the most important thing I have ever learned to this date. No matter who we are, where we are from, what we believe or don't believe in, we all have the capability to do one universal thing. LOVE. Yes, that's it. It really is as simple as that, though I never before would have guessed it. Love is something we are born with and blessed with. With enough love, we can conquer all trials and tribulations. We can eliminate greed, and fear for with love, we need nothing else but each other. With enough love, everyone will be taken care of because that's what love ensures. Life is hard, make no mistake about that. But with the beauty of such things as Synchronicity and Manifestation, we can start to see how our choices affect our paths, and how our thoughts are one of the most powerful tools we have. Our intentions that we set can determine our successes, our thoughts can forge a path through anything. By connecting ourselves to the beauty in everything, and embracing the feeling of love we can begin a progressive and powerful change in our lives. It will not happen overnight, and will not happen if we don't open our eyes to the truth many people have not yet been introduced to. But with time and patience, we can overcome the dramas of today, the genocides, the wars and the famines. So educate yourselves! Pick up Celestine Prophecy, or watch The Secret. Learn the Sedona Method, learn to meditate or simply talk with those around you who may have reacher a higher spiritual frequency. There are many others like myself who know a tonne more than I do at this point. But what I do know is that the time for change is now, and that it is our movement that will encourage others to follow suite!
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