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CapeBretonGal's blog: "Pretty Poem"

created on 04/26/2008  |  http://fubar.com/pretty-poem/b210616
A Reason To Believe In Love Often I have wondered, If true love was truly meant to be, I had found so many times wishing, And wanting more, Needing, Wishing, For something, A reason to believe, A reason to believe in love, A reason to believe in true love, A reason to believe in hope, A reason to believe in faith, A reason to believe, In something beyond what I have felt, Something beyond what I have had, Something beyond what I could have, But it always seemed so far, So far in the distance, So far in the horizon, So far, Until one day, One day I saw you, One day I talked to you, One day I felt something starting to form, Something forming that was stronger, Stronger than I could ever have believed in, Believed that could be, Could be with me, One day I found you, And you changed my life, Changed my life forever, Changed my life completely, Changed everything, Everything in my life, Because I found you, I found my true love, I found my soul mate, I found the reason to believe, Believe in hope, Believe in dreams, Believe in love again.
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