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Thanks to all my friends that have expressed their concern and shown their support prior to my procedure today. I just wanted to let everyone know that I made it through procedure. It went very well and I should be on my way home very soon. I am with family now and I look forward to seeing my Fu Family very soon. Skin graft will be at noon CST on Wednesday 12/3. Things went really well and Drs are very pleased with everything so far!!! Thank you all so very much for your wonderful thoughts and prayers. Will update more tomorrow after surgery. Luv...Deb
Just want to take a few minutes to fill my friends and family in on whats been going on with me lately. Some may have noticed I seem to be "absent" or you dont see me around much. Well, there has been alot going on. It all started with a simple Dr appt to renew my med prescriptions. I was referred to a dermatologist who did a biopsy of the spot (divot/dip) on my nose. It came back positive for basal cell skin cancer. That Dr referred me to a Dr at the Skin Cancer Clinic in Longview that does a special procedure that minimizes the tissue lost when the cancer is removed. That appointment was very difficult for me as the real extent of my situation came to light. I could lose a large part of my nose depending on how large and how deep it is. That wont be known until they get in there and remove it. At that point another Dr may be called in to do the reconstruction. I just returned home from an appt with him and he was able to answer alot of questions I had. Some have asked why xrays or scans havent been done. These kinds of cancers dont show up on images like that unless they are massive. More than likely mine wouldnt show anything on them. At this point my surgery is scheduled for Dec 2nd at 7:15 AM. It will be done at the Skin Cancer Clinic. Reconstruction/repair will also be done there by the second Dr unless it is so extensive that they need to rebuild cartilage or do the flap (I sure hope they dont have to do that though). If it is too much to be done in the clinic I will have to have it done at the hospital within 2-3 days of the removal. One of my biggest regrets is the time of year this is happening. I wont be enjoying Christmas much this year and wont be doing any shopping. This is especially hard for me because I LOVE Christmas and love to browse the Christmas aisles at this time of year. Wonder if Santa needs a "blue-nosed" elf! LOL If I am not able to be in contact with you myself I will try to have my family contact someone who will hopefully pass the word along to you once this ball starts rolling on the 2nd. I hope you all will understand my "absence" in the mean time. This has been very overwhelming for me and sometimes I just want to hide behind the monitor or just dont feel like being here at all. TY to those who have been so supportive. Your friendship has meant so much to me and I cherish you all. You have kept me going day-to-day when I didnt want to anymore. Til then...much love to you all! Deb
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