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Bee's blog: "Two in the bush"

created on 11/23/2006  |  http://fubar.com/two-in-the-bush/b27543
Bored and horny, Amy left her apartment. She started walking the two blocks to Renee's house. Amy would have preferred spending the evening with a man, but it was Monday and most of the clubs were closed. The walk was soothing; the evening enveloped her like a silk robe. Renee's house was a cute little bungalow with a private back yard that was perfect for sitting outdoors on warm summer nights. Amy hoped that Renee would be home and interested in splitting a bottle of wine, gossiping, and maybe playing some cards. Amy reached the house at sunset. Though Renee's car was parked down the driveway, the front rooms of the bungalow were dark. Amy let out a sigh of disappointment. It was possible that Renee had a date, but she hadn't mentioned it. Amy walked down the driveway that ran alongside the house, hoping that Renee was in the back yard. She envisioned Renee eating dinner or reading a book, oblivious to everything around her. She looked over the fence. Ten feet away saw Renee standing in front of the bench seat, her skirt bunched up around her waist and bare ass showing. Amy decided against saying hi. Then she saw the hairy knees showing between Renee's smooth legs. "Oh Baby," Ann heard Renee say. Amy ducked back so that she was hidden by a tall evergreen. Peeking over the fence, she watched. The hairy knees slid forward, and hairy man’s hands cupped Renee's ass cheeks. Her friend pushed her hips forward and tossed her head back; Amy knew she was getting licked. Mesmerized, Amy felt her own pussy heat up as she watched. Renee grunted and moaned. She saw the man's hands kneading her friend's ass flesh, his fingers exploring the ravine between her cheeks. "Oh, Baby, yeah," Renee said. Amy watched the man's cock blossom; it went from semi-hard to fully erect and then became completely engorged. She swallowed hard. Oh to have a man that got hard while licking my pussy, she thought. She stared as her friend rotated her ass as the man licked her. Amy couldn't bear it any longer. She quietly moved to a space between the house and the evergreen. As Renee received her delicious tongue lashing, Amy pulled up the front of her own skirt and pushed aside her panties. She put her middle finger deep into her crotch slowly brought it forward. Her finger gently parted her pussy lips dipped into her honey-pot. A sigh of satisfaction escaped her lips. She imagined it was her getting licked or standing beside Renee, and the finger inside her was not her own, but the man's. She twirled her finger in her cunt as she slid it in out a few times. Amy inhaled sharply. Oh that feels good, she thought. She pulled sopping wet finger out and quickly began massaging her swollen clit. Amy watched as the man’s hand went to Renee’s crotch. His mouth appeared to be attached to her clit, but now he had his fingers working her snatch as well. Amy let herself imagine what Renee must be feeling. A hot masculine tongue on her clit and his fingers fucking her pussy, she must be on the edge. Amy could barely take it anymore. Momentarily, she stopped her manipulation. With both hands she reached under her skirt, hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties, and stripped them off, letting them fall around her ankles. Amy knew that she wouldn’t be able to explain the panties around the ankles if she were caught. She knew too that the likelihood of her getting away if spotted was almost none if she left her panties around her ankles. Peeping over Renee’s fence watching her have sex, while she stood half hidden in the dusk masturbating without the real possibility of being able to get away made it more exciting. Her pussy completely open to the breeze, Amy went at it with both hands. With one hand, she fucked her pussy with the other she massaged and teased her own clit. She drifted back and forth between building up her own orgasm and getting distracted by Renee and her man. Amy stared as Renee grabbed her skirt and pulled it over head so that she was completely naked below the waist except for her sandals. Amy gulped as Renee rotated her hips in the hands and at the mouth of the man. She then slowly unbuttoned her blouse. To Amy’s surprise, when Renee removed the blouse completely, she had nothing on. Amy noticed her breath quickening and felt the pressure of a serious orgasm on the rise. No longer having to hold her skirt, Renee looked down at the man and put her hands in front of her. Amy could only imagine that she was running her fingers through his hair, caressing his scalp with her fingernails, and whispering hot sexy words of encouragement as he brought her to a momentary Nirvana. “Oh, YEAH,” Amy heard Renee exclaim. Renee was jiggling and shaking like Jell-O on a roller-coaster. Renee’s sharp inhalations and heavy breathing clearly audible. Amy wasn’t quite on the pace that Renee was, but then she didn’t have the advantage of a tongue on her clit. With six short grunts, Renee came and gently pulled the man’s face from her quim. Amy froze, hoping that she’d only witnessed the previews and not the whole show. She was pretty close to cumming herself, but could use a few more minutes of this excellent live porn show. Her fears were allayed quickly when she watched Renee bend over and put her face to his crotch. Amy could only imagine what it looked like, Renee sucking off the man who just ate her out. All Amy could see was Renee’s firm ass and her damp pussy poking out. As quickly as she went down on him, Renee stood, spread her legs wider than his knees and walked up his body. She grabbed his thick cock, gave it three firm strokes for good measure and guided him inside her. Slowly she began rocking her hips back and forth on his cock. Renee arched her back thrusting her breasts toward his face, her head rolled across her shoulders and she chanted, “mmmm, mmmm, mmmm,” as if it were a magic orgasm inducing incantation. Amy was on the brink. Pussy juice was running down her hand and slobbering on her inner thighs. A slight evening breeze blew up her skirt, as if a gentle lover had kissed her ass. She was rocking back and forth on her own finger and twiddling her clit with her other hand. The pressure, the heat built like a grease fire in her groin. For the first time, she heard the man groan as Renee rode him. Then there was a masculine gurgle in his throat and a heavy grunting. Amy could tell by his lack of movement that he was cumming. That pushed her over the edge. Amy gasped and shuddered with a knee quaking, thigh trembling orgasm that was so intense she had to grab the fence post to steady herself. Neither Renee nor the man appeared to hear her. She quietly stepped out of her panties, wiped her crotch and hand, and stuck them in her pocketbook for the walk home.
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