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Bee's blog: "Once u go Black"

created on 11/24/2006  |  http://fubar.com/once-u-go-black/b27759
I was a 40 year old woman with a very successful husband, Bob, and two girls, 18 and 16, when my saga started, and it has been going on for three years. I love my husband very much but at that time our sex life had been reduced to about once every two weeks or so. I love the closeness of our sex but I sure wished we did it more often. Then a very fortunate thing happened to change all that. I was driving in our town about ten miles from where I live and suddenly the car heated up and red lights came on. I was almost directly across the street from an auto parts store and so I stopped and entered the store. There were no customers but me and the person behind the counter was a tall, very big black man, who ask what he could do to help me. I told him my story and he was kind enough to go out to the car and look at my problem. He saw immediately what was wrong. The belt that cools the radiator came off. We went back inside the store so he could look for my belt in his store and discovered that he did not have the belt but could order the one and it would be delivered in about two hours. I was frustrated at hearing this but had no choice, I thought, but to have him order the part and he said that he could put it on for me. It ends up that he owned the store and lived on the second floor. Since it was almost noon, he invited me to have a sandwich with him. He invited me up stairs to the kitchen where he made the two sandwiches. I found out that his wife had died in a car accident two years before and he had one son who was twenty and help him in the store and his name is John and his son's name is Peter. He was forty-one. While he was downstairs in his business, he wore an apron to keep him clean and when he went up with me for lunch he took it off. What the apron covered was the fact that he had an enormous cock that the pants he was wearing could not hide. I think he knew that and stood in ways to show his cock head which was at least ten inches below his crotch and seemed too big to fit in any woman. It literally looked like he had a club hanging down his pants. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of his huge prick and finally he asked me, with a smile, if I would like to see what he had. I was very embarrassed but still managed to nod yes. He unzipped his pants and pulled out an eleven inch tool (I found out later) which was about two and a half inches thick. I can't tell you the fear and wild thrill that went through me as he walked toward me with his huge cock in his hands pointed at my face. It was the most exciting thing I had ever experienced. He asked me to feel it. I took both hands and masturbated him and there was still plenty of cock hanging out! He was half hard as I first felt him and he quickly got hard and I kissed and then slid his huge head into my mouth. I wasn’t sure it would fit but it did and I loved it. I sucked him, which I rarely did with my husband, and fondled his big balls until he shot an enormous amount of sweet salty cream into my willing throat. The quantity was far more than I had expected and I had difficulty swallowing it all, but I did. As I was sucking him, he removed my blouse and bra and lifted my skirt and slid his long fingers into my sopping hole. After he came he sat me on his lap and started sucking my nipples. I have never particularly got turned on by having my nipples sucked but his big mouth took all my nipple and aureole and I loved it. He continued to finger me as he sucked and then put me on the chair and got his face between my legs and licked me to four huge orgasms. I had never in my life had more pleasurable orgasms. He did all this while waiting for his cock get hard again. When he got hard, he rose to his knees with my legs still spread-eagled in front of him. He pushed my heels back until they were almost touching my ears. His cock was lined up with my dripping pussy and he put the head in my crack and rubbed my clit with it until I came again. As I came, he slid about seven inches into my hole and then very slowly put in the rest. I thought I would be uncomfortable with him all the way in but he was slow and careful and I experienced the most wonderful feelings and then he started to go in and out faster and harder. I started to come almost continuously and begged him to ” fuck the shit out of me,” which was very uncharacteristic language for me. With my legs spread wide to handle him, he lay his full weight on top of me and gently fucked me. I felt so secure and safe under this huge man that I had a wonderful orgasm. He rolled me over and doggie fucked me while fondling my breasts. He put me on my back again then on my side and back on my knees all the while ramming his huge cock up my willing hole. I reached down and caressed his big hanging balls as I felt him squirt a load into my pussy. After a few moments of getting back to normal I told him how wonderful he was and that I would like to see him again. He told me that he lived there and so he was almost always home. I told him that during the day was best for me and he said that his business was fairly slow from 10am until noon and then from 2pm until 4pm. He said his son was in school most of the time but dropped in and out on a random basis, but he felt he could work it out. About that time the belt arrived and John had moved my car into his garage in the back of his store and so we went down to put the belt on. He lay face up on a low slung dolly that allowed him to easily get under the car. He went under to do something and his legs up to his belt were sticking out as he did the repair. I couldn’t resist. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his beautiful cock and started sucking. After about a minute he lay back very relaxed and let me finish what I was doing. I was soon rewarded with a large load of his salty sperm which I swallowed like a good whore. I took his business card and drove home with a feeling of such content and happiness that I was surprised. I was already getting wet thinking about the next time. What was so unusual was that I have never been particularly excited about sex. When it happened, I really liked it but this was a whole new level that I had never experienced. Another thing was that I had had only one occasion where I had more than one orgasm and that time it was only two. This day I came about twenty times with far more intensity that I have ever experienced. It was about three PM when I got home and I was so charged up that I called my lover up and started to talk dirty to him and I let him know I was naked and rubbing my clit. He talked dirty back and when he said that next time he was going to fuck me in my ass, I had to stop talking while I fingered myself to a big orgasm. I told him he would be getting my virginity and he loved the idea of talking my virgin asshole. He also told me that his son had dropped in and he told him about our fucking. He asked me if I would like to try a father-son combination and I was a little scared but when he said his son had a longer cock than he did, I almost came again. I remember thinking that Peter was an apt name for the boy! I made a date for 10am the next morning and he told me to wear stockings with a garter belt, high heels, no bra, no panties and a tight sweater and short skirt. I hung up with a feeling of such happiness that I though I was a teenager. I've had several girl friends over the years who seemed to be "man crazy" and now I know what they were so excited about. With the right lover, sex is all you think about. The next day, Tuesday, I showed up the way he asked but I put an overcoat on because I looked like such a slut. He was annoyed and told me that I was his slut and he wanted me to dress like one when I came in his store. I don't know why, but even his talking like that got me very excited. We went upstairs and he undressed me and fondled me and sucked my nipples and I asked him if I could suck him. He said no, he had other plans. He got a Fleet enema bottle with a nozzle on it and gave me my first enema. After an uncomfortable ten minutes I emptied myself and he then put me on his bed and started to oil up and then finger my ass. He slowly got three and then four fingers up my ass so that the big muscle was relaxed and he then slid his huge cock up my asshole. I was really afraid that it would hurt but he was so slow and caring with kisses and slow movement into my ass that before I knew it, he was buried up to his balls. He very slowly started to go in and out, pouring on lots of scented oil on his cock, and began to rub my clit. Soon he was pounding his foot-long cock up my ass and I was loving it. I didn't think I could come with just anal stimulation but I did so several times. After about forty minutes of this ass fucking, he shot a load up my ass and pulled out. I asked if I could wash him off and I got a bowl of soap and water and got him good and clean and then started to suck him. After ten minutes or so of sucking he put me on my back and spread my legs up near my ears and started to fuck my cunt. Like the day before, I started to cum almost continuously while he threw me in many position while he rammed me. At one point My head and shoulders were on the floor while my crack was pointed straight up as I leaned against the sofa and he went from my pussy to my ass and back and forth until he pulled out and shot his load into my willing mouth. All the time we were sucking and fucking he kept a running monolog of what a slut, black man's whore, black cock sucker, black ass fucker I was, and I loved it! If it was possible, this day was better than the first. I have long nipples to start with but he really liked to suck them and when he is done they stay extended about one to one and a half inches for quite a while. I dressed to go home and with the sweater on with no bra, my nipples were like neon signs that said "fuck this girl". I really wanted to fuck some more but he said his 41 year old cock needed a rest and he had work to do. We set up a date for the next morning and I left with my pussy starting to get wet just thinking about tomorrow. And this is after I had just had him fuck my ears off! The next day I showed up with my nipples poking out of the light blouse I wore which was see-thru in any light. I went up stairs while he finished with a customer and took off all of my clothes and lay on the bed and started to lightly rub my clit. He came up in a few minutes and took off his clothes and I saw he had a full hard-on. I kissed his cock and wanted to have him in my mouth but, as usual, he had other ideas. He tied a cloth across my eyes so that I couldn't see anything. He made it tight so that it would not fall off. Then he lay me on the bad with my legs spread and proceeded to kiss me and lick me in a random way so I never knew what he was going to do next. He sucked each nipple for at least ten minutes and I bet they were sticking out two inches. It made me hotter than a firecracker and I couldn't wait to see where he would kiss or lick me next. He was licking me under my arm when I felt another tongue on my clit and slit! I started to sit up wondering what was happening but he pushed me down and told me to just enjoy it. Now I was as keyed up as I have ever been with my first two man fuck. Someone went into my mouth and began to fuck me fairly deeply in my mouth so that I was just on the verge of gagging when the man pushed in. Before I could gag the cock slid out and then back in, etc. In the meantime, my legs were lifted so that I was very spread out and a huge cock entered my cunt. Then the two of them slowly fucked my mouth and pussy until they both came in me at about the same time. In the meantime, I had over ten huge orgasms. My mask was pulled off and I met the long-dicked son, Peter. He was the one in my pussy and so he said that he wanted me to suck him. His father got off the bed and the son lay on his back and had me get on my hands and knees in a position where he could fondle my hanging tits and nipples while I sucked him. After about ten minutes of sucking, John got behind me and started fucking me in the ass as he rubbed my pussy. Both of them were calling me a cunt for blacks, slut, whore, and any other indignity they could think of while I pleased them. I have to admit that I came more than I can remember while they did that, so I clearly enjoyed it. Peter came fairly quickly for just having cum in my pussy and after I swallowed his load he sat up on the bed and watched his father ass fuck me. I found that I really liked being watched and talked to while I was being fucked. We rolled over on the bed with his cock embedded up my ass so that I was on top. While moving up and down on him he turned me so that I was facing his feet. He said he wanted to watch my ass cheeks while I got buggered. In the meantime, Peter got hard again and his father pulled my legs wide open and leaned me back on him. Peter then put his foot long cock into my pussy while his father stayed in my ass with his foot long cock. Peter was slow in entering me so that there was no pain and when Peter started to slam into me, it made my ass move up which pulled John's cock out of my ass about five inches. Then Peter would pull out of my pussy almost all the way and John's cock would go back completely into my asshole. This repeated two-way fucking ended up as the best fucking I had ever had, to that point. After they both came, I was really tired for all the emotional energy I had used, and very, very satisfied. I remarked that it couldn't get any better, and Peter said that I needed a cock in my mouth while I took one in the ass and one in the pussy. He said then I will have experienced the ultimate in fucking. John said that maybe he could arrange that, and I left.
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