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The most important thing in this blog is that as of tomorrow I am deleting a bunch of people off my list.
I will not be answering shouts, messages or comments asking "Are you deleting me?" If you have to ask the question you probably already know the answer. Now if you're still reading this it's because you want to know more, so here it goes. 1) The H&L Bomber page is going to be re-done. It will have a new name and I will be the only one with access to it. It will continue to be a bombing family, but with new rules. Those rules will be outlined in a blog there and when i get it complete it will be viewable. I will be looking for more bombers, and that too will be outlined in a blog there. 2) I am leaving the Shadow Levelers. This is nothing personal to anyone in the family. I simply feel like I don't do enough leveling for one family to claim membership. I have several friends that have branched off that I enjoy helping as well. I will continue to level, I will just be doing so on my own terms. I'm keeping key members of several leveling families on my list so I can see level up bulletins. 3) I'm tired of having so many people on my list that I don't talk to. I am dropping down to very few people, however if I find later that I actually enjoy talking to you, I will add you back. I will also be sticking to my "no blank friends request" statement on my page. 4) I'm tired of people on my friends list not being friends themselves. Or at least civil to each other. When I post something for a friend I want all my friends to be willing to help. 5) I'm tired of the points race. As I said before I will continue to support people who are in it, but quite frankly, I said when I hit rockstar I was going to quit trying, and I didn't. Now that I have become a GodMother (yeah, I know I griped about it, those who matter have already forgiven me for that) I really am done. This does not mean that when I get down to 30k I'm not going to ask for help, but I won't be begging and it will probably only be in status.
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