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Facebook trolls Pt.50??… I lost count.

This was posted on a recent photo of me..on my FAN page:

Rusty ‘Fukkit’ Walsh: “I would have to disagree on many parts. A size 22 isn’t sexy, a size 22 isn’t a real curvacious woman. A size 22 is clinically, possibly morbidly, obese. I’m not on a “everyone must be size 0” bash, i’m stating the honest truth. And stroking peoples ego’s to let them know that being anything over a size 16-18 is fine and sexy is wrong. Its not sexy, it’s unhealthy. Unhealthy isn’t attractive. If you want to be “curvacious” and attractive, exercise, eat better, and gain a shape beffiting the feminine bone structure. (and before anyone goes on a flaming mission, size 0 isn’t sexy or healthy either. Everything in moderation)”

Cassidy Luchyk Rusty:”you are exactly what is wrong with this world. Size does not dictate health. You are making woman FEEL unhealthy by putting them down. Every woman is beautiful no matter what size she is (even a size 0!) Beauty comes from confidence not from what size you are.”

Danni Buchanan: “Rusty if you dont agree with what she is doing then why are you on her page? And many doctors would consider a 16-18 also unhealthy, idiot. So you have no credit there. There are people who are size 22 and size 0 who are healthy..and they are also happy.. you should work on being happy, if you were happy with yourself you wouldnt have to come on pages and try to make others feel bad about themselves. I don’t care how “healthy” you are, being a total dick makes you more unattractive than any “obese” person on this earth. Beauty fades..stupid is forever. Tess, you rock.

My Response: Tess Munster-Plus Model: “Guess what Rusty? I AM healthy & I AM sexy. Just because you are obviously sad that you could never get a beautiful, confident, successful woman like me, doesnt mean you get to take your mommy issues out on me and my fans. You can kindly fuck off, & find a “healthy” woman who hates herself & whines all day like you. Ok?”

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