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(To the love of my life)

I have always had a negative outlook on life. I always felt like I didn't belong, and wasn't good enough. Always trying to please people in my life that didn't seem to care what I did. I was always trying to make relationships work with guys who just took me for granted. Even with family I didn't think I was good enough. Doing whatever I could to try to make everyone happy... but no matter how much I did it still wasn't enough. It took one person to change all of that. He may not be able to be with me right by my side right now but he has changed my life so much. He says he loves me just how I am and wouldn't change a thing. He tells me almost everyday that I'm beautiful. Its so nice hearing that after many years I just wanted to become something else... skinnier... taller... all what the media is trying to make us believe is beautiful. Finally someone who appreciates me how I am. Doesn't want to try to change me but if anything he wants to help me to become a more confident person. I can't wait till we are able to be together for good... he says he wants to marry me and make me his wife. I personally thought for the longest time that I would never find someone who would want to marry me. I'm really hoping that I will be able to move in with him before the year is over. With him I feel like I have never have. I feel that nothing can stop me. The happiness that I feel when I'm with him is unbelievable. I just can't believe finally my dreams are coming true. I always dreamt of finding a man who loves me for everything that I am... adores me... actually listens to me... I can't wait until the day I take his last name... theres no looking back now... my life is changing for the good... and it is about time!

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