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created on 07/30/2012  |  http://fubar.com/cassioring/b349485

   These individual character styles of summer wear are crazy followed by those girls who pursue fashion all the time. So what are popular dress collocations in this summer? Now wholesale fashion online shop will introduce some popular summer dress collocations to everyone who loves fashion.


Salty sea water, with the partners lightsome the laughter, the summer is just beginning. Choose a relaxed color fastens long skirt, in hot summer brought filar silk cool idea. Blue, it is to belong to summer color, clear and transparent. The wardrobe collection a few relaxed color sheet is tasted, always not wrong.


I like this type of black skeleton head single shoulder bag so much, the design of simple design for show individual character, not only melting style of dress, can grab an eye, suck the best. Left to bowknot, such as the main street of the rotten peach heart sheet is tasted, occasionally a personality, handsome time, do most of extraordinary.


Clairvoyant outfit is sexy threatening, but half perspective long skirt, more show enchanting and moving? Black wraparound sunglasses, compared to the big hot rounds lens, more show fashionable feeling. Feet again tie-in a white pointed flat documentary shoes, and this summer you is the real heroine.


The most leisure dress up the street, just more comfortable and cool and refreshing, round brought t-shirts, black pants, sports shoes render the wind, the girl wear the leisure sports wind clothes, actually handsome boys more wins?


Just out of the United States eyebrow society, don't know what to wear, you'll need to learn some cough up! Ol style dress claims concise, capable, like this is tall and the beauty of the match, a spell the color of snow spins shirt + white pants outfit, it's OK!


Flies glasses is like that to pull breeze and Hong Kong with Nicholas tse's losing sheet is tasted. Tall waist tapper, can be very good spin of figure of proportion, show high show thin effect extremely good. Pink of the joining together of handbag, is also a thing tide.


Wholesale clothing china can help you to wear personality, and enjoy this summer better!

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