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Fashionable and joker skirt pant, have you ever attempted to wear it to show your charm? Now wholesale korean fashion online shop will recommend you some most popular summer skirt pants design, and tell you some knowledge of the skirt pants collocation, so let’s look together!


Many love beautiful girl, in summer most chose to wear the dress, long skirt and summer dress. Ever want to try a skirts pants? Like the girl of tall waist tapper dress up, very high show thin show? Pretty printing sleeveless jacket, match with white cool and refreshing paragraph skirts pants, cool and sweet.


Skirts pants because of its simple design, similar to skirt outfit, the lining is the design of the pants, convenient to wear off, prevent exposed, and is more and more girls love. Lazy girls want to wear summer of beautiful, actually a snow spins unlined upper garment + pure color skirts pants collocation, can highlight your fashion taste.


There is no point child unlined upper garment reduce wave more age single product! In fact, at the same time can be divided skirt collocation to choose a slender waist belt as the ornament, modify your lithe and graceful figure, make the most fashionable, change you.

Like the han edition bowknot is divided skirt with, is this year the popular on the Internet super fire one of the single product. No matter you match T-shirt, or chiffon blouse, all is the good choice. A watermelon organ of the red coat snow spins, supplement is divided skirt with pinkish purple bowknot, is really beautiful!


If feel pure color is divided skirt, color too drab, of course, can choose printing style! Ponder panda eye logo printing money short-sleeved shirt + divided skirt, collection of leisure and sweet for an organic whole, super show thin and very joker and easy?


Pink complex girls have to see come over, this paragraph of sweet pink department skirts pants, do you have any reason not to a paragraph of? Actually, no matter be tie-in shirts or the upper fair maiden style of snow spins unlined upper garment, are really good match?


Irregular design divided skirt hem, you have my personality, nifty? Whether the leisure to wear, or work wear, are very suitable. The waist of the design with bowknot, also very elegant.


The girls have thick arm, ok and great choice this style butterfly sleeve blouse, pink coat + deep pink skirts pants, it's beautiful brockovich!


This skirts pants in wholesale Asian fashion wholesalelucky.com may be some partial long, tall waist design, which can promote the waist line, very show high and thin!


Each season has its advocate hit, popular style clothing. For this summer's pop top style, chiffon shirts or lace shirts is the best chioce. Here is to come with our wholesale fashion online shop to learn coat fashion snow spins the collocation of unlined upper garment unlined upper garment, bud.


Blue chiffon unlined upper garment, the collar is white petals design, more show delicate sweet. The design of cultivate one's morality, show thin and easy. With the naked color of tall waist shorts, more show is tall and feeling.


Pink chiffon sleeveless shirt, white collar joining together, can counteract the pink outfit is tender feeling well, more fashionable breath. With white shorts, colour collocation photograph echo.


Wave some snow spins unlined upper garment, the design feeling? Dew shoulder design, irregular garment place, full of the smell of big shop sign. Choose white pencil pants to match, will more show relaxed and temperament.


The color stripe unlined upper garment of snow spins, bump color design, splashy look good. Loose agaric sleeve more show delicate feeling. Waist border have bowknot chalaza design, cultivate one's morality show thin oh. Tie-in white nine minutes of pants, feminine flavour is dye-in-the-wood.


White bud silk vest, cultivate one's morality design, the design of individual character chest, appear very delicate and easy. Simple collocation bull-puncher knickers, beautiful and moving.


White loose bud silk unlined upper garment, the fine bud silk hook flower let this paragraph coat have qualitative feeling more. Loose version to upper body redound to the thin? Collocation of cultivate one's morality shorts fresh elegant.


Deep pink bud silk unlined upper garment, is nifty and lovely color, very chic. Elegant bud silk carve patterns or designs on woodwork, more design feeling. Can match the black shorts, match on small belt, draw the small pretty waist oh.


White perspective bud silk unlined upper garment, direct as opposed to match, it can be equipped with light on the dress, administrative levels feeling mix build will improve collocation degrees.


Sweet wave point snow spins the unlined upper garment, loose sleeves easily hide live bye-bye meat, wear a fine feeling. Match on white gauze, sweet and moving.


Collar adornment white bud silk vest, half the perspective of style, it will wear black condole belt, very good-looking. With black shorts show classic contracted, and wholesale clothing china online shop help you to find your confidence.



   These individual character styles of summer wear are crazy followed by those girls who pursue fashion all the time. So what are popular dress collocations in this summer? Now wholesale fashion online shop will introduce some popular summer dress collocations to everyone who loves fashion.


Salty sea water, with the partners lightsome the laughter, the summer is just beginning. Choose a relaxed color fastens long skirt, in hot summer brought filar silk cool idea. Blue, it is to belong to summer color, clear and transparent. The wardrobe collection a few relaxed color sheet is tasted, always not wrong.


I like this type of black skeleton head single shoulder bag so much, the design of simple design for show individual character, not only melting style of dress, can grab an eye, suck the best. Left to bowknot, such as the main street of the rotten peach heart sheet is tasted, occasionally a personality, handsome time, do most of extraordinary.


Clairvoyant outfit is sexy threatening, but half perspective long skirt, more show enchanting and moving? Black wraparound sunglasses, compared to the big hot rounds lens, more show fashionable feeling. Feet again tie-in a white pointed flat documentary shoes, and this summer you is the real heroine.


The most leisure dress up the street, just more comfortable and cool and refreshing, round brought t-shirts, black pants, sports shoes render the wind, the girl wear the leisure sports wind clothes, actually handsome boys more wins?


Just out of the United States eyebrow society, don't know what to wear, you'll need to learn some cough up! Ol style dress claims concise, capable, like this is tall and the beauty of the match, a spell the color of snow spins shirt + white pants outfit, it's OK!


Flies glasses is like that to pull breeze and Hong Kong with Nicholas tse's losing sheet is tasted. Tall waist tapper, can be very good spin of figure of proportion, show high show thin effect extremely good. Pink of the joining together of handbag, is also a thing tide.


Wholesale clothing china can help you to wear personality, and enjoy this summer better!


Every girl has her favorite style of dress, the Korean ladies style, the sweet style of Japanese fashion, Europe-America big brand style, no matter what kind of style can easily show the most fashionable attitude. Korean Japan Clothing online store (www.wholesalelucky.com) recommends several pieces of wholesale dresses sweet dresses, fresh and lovely feeling increased your charm well.


Bra floral dress, trousers piece with its simple and low-key sense of design and highly popular with the ladies. Impunity difficult to wear, not girls can stop the enthusiasm of the piece pants. This Country style and full of floral piece pants, fresh and simple and elegant, sweet Japanese style, very beautiful.


Petal collar pink Japanese fashion chiffon shirt, loose straight version of the type, the white collar of petals, the details of a strong sense of the pink color gives the sweet feeling. With mint colored chiffon skirt, wedge heel, fresh flavor concentrated.


Waving pointed chiffon shirt is always so fresh and simple and elegant, full of the girl's feelings of taste. Black and white dots are classic and beautiful. With a high waist denim shorts, Slim was thin, wear clothing with good body.


Slim waist floral middle sleeve Japanese fashion clothing in the style of Japanese small fresh, romantic aesthetic Floral Summer doomed to failure. High waist, cuffs with white lace crochet beautifully designed.


Pink chiffon blouse, delicate lace decorative doll, collar, cute. Loose and caused by the type of version, the upper body with good results. Wood ear hem, romantic aesthetic. With a lace skirt, sweet and bursting.


The doll collar Navy style striped Japanese fashion dress, casual style, fresh blue stripes, and full of summer flavor. Yellow doll collar accompanied by a yellow belt, looks very good.


Slim waist waving pointed Japanese fashion chiffon shirt, wood ears, waist type, the details of a sense of strong Oh. The bow tie design, sweet and cute. With a green package hip skirts, full of fresh sense.


Stitching floral chiffon dresses, sling style, before chest white chiffon fabric is stitching. It is suitable for small chest girls. Big printed flower highlights the romantic aesthetic of pastoral flavor.


Now get 12% OFF on 2012 Summer Dress New Arrival at wholesalelucky.com. Korean Japan fashion Wholesale clothing store offers hot sexy styles, high quality summer dresses at the best prices. So visit wholesalelucky.com for best fashion trend and wholesale dresses.

Do you want to wear to show sweet and sexy flavor? And want to get rid of the image of passerby?  Now wholesale Asian fashion online wholesaler wholesalelucky.com for everyone recommends ten styles of Japanese skirts that are ultra popular in summer. Sweet collections of fashion skirt look tender and charming, and reveal slender legs.


Pink shirt + green skirt

Green flounced skirt is shining and great. Around waist flounced design is very chic. Pleated bottom of skirt is stylish, charming and retro. Select a pink shirt to build bold contrast-color match, fashion index is UP.


Perspective chiffon shirt + pleated skirt

For this season pleated fashion skirt is particularly popular, fine design, Japanese fashion pleated lace chiffon double design, so that the skirt more delicate chiffon shirt with a pink perspective, reveals a deep sense of retro flavor, very sweet and sexy.


Blue chiffon shirt + ginger colored skirt

The ginger skirt, very retro atmosphere, waist bow tie design, particularly sweet, with a Japanese fashion blue sleeveless chiffon shirt, accompanied by green high-heeled shoes, hit the color with more visual impact.


Classic unbeaten Denim skirt

The Hong Kong fashion denim skirt is scheduled does not fade. Many girls love this simple, handsome feel. Collocates with a wide belt looks both sexy and cute.


Oversized T-shirts + striped skirt

Exceptionally strong sense of fresh striped skirt, delicate blue and white horizontal stripes, full of casual sporty, very fresh and lovely. With a wave of pink oversized Japanese fashion T-shirts, especially for lively and playful girls.


White shirt + burgundy skirt

Filled with a retro flavor of the wine red skirt, white shirt with a well-behaved, in particular, good girl flavor, with a brown knee socks, retro shoes, sweet preppy style dress that less age.


Asymmetric skirt + plus size blouse

Asymmetrical skirt is also one of the highlights of spring dresses, with a solid color blouse, simple and fresh, and feminine. Overall is simple and elegant fresh color, particularly charming.


Waving pointed skirt + white shirt

Colorful dots skirt, great sense of simple style with a Japanese fashion white shirt can be fresh and seductive, full of a sense of youthful vitality.


Blue skirt + Fashion sweater

Full sense of Japanese fashion fresh blue skirt, cotton texture, a kind of small, fresh feel, with loose sweaters, cute, casual and generous, the kind flavor of girl next door.


Orange lace skirt + pointed chiffon shirt

The tender orange skirt is lining skin color very well, and also very good for matching. Coupled with a pointed chiffon shirt, slim tall waist style, looks very significantly tall.


Best fashion trend 2012 Summer Japanese fashion Dress New Arrivals, Hot Sexy Styles, High Quality Chiffon Dresses are now available on wholesale Korean fashion shop wholesalelucky.com.

In summer we should wear to refreshing and fashionable, looking very cool. Choosing light colored summer clothing will bring more cool feeling. Beautiful wholesalel fashion online store wholesalelucky.com recommends several summer collections of summer fashion, skirts, simple T-shirt, help you easy to create the perfect summer dressing.


The simple white vest collocates with light pink shorts, refreshing feeling is blowing. Equipped with printing long shirt, casual and relaxed style is explained, and looks very comfortable.


The hollow short version Japanese fashion lace shirt, fine lace hollow carved, sweet and lovely. The taste of young girls is shown. Denim shorts, exposing the legs, a little taste of sexy, yet stylish sense, is the color.


Light orange chiffon shirt, light and elegant feeling is very comfortable. Collocates with the Japanese fashion printed skirts, coupled with the belt, outline the waist, retro yellow single shoulder bag is essential that full of retro style.


Pale pink Japanese fashion vest shirt collocates with a waving pointed bust skirt, the fresh style of urban light mature lady, sweet and elegant, and a kind of feminine. Collocating with the socks and sandals looks retro and charming.


The coffee brown long-sleeved T-shirt collocates with a white dress in pale pink, Japanese fashion pure beige color flat shoes, casual relaxed look particularly elegant and charming, cool and fresh feeling, the most suitable for the summer.


Loose black Japanese fashion short-sleeved T shirt matches slim skirt, girl style, sweet, cute yet feminine. Elegant and fresh feeling, with the canvas shoes, very preppy style.


Waving pointed green knitted cardigan collocates with a white lace shirt, pink skirt, warm color with a hit, warm and sweet, filled with romantic pastoral style, fresh and natural.


Japanese fashion style blue one-piece dress with white dots looks very lovely and sweet. The version of slim waist, fresh colors and simple design is in particular full of fashion atmospheric. For summer of course need a refreshing dress to light your happy mood!


Cheap 2012 ladies summer dresses are available on Korean fashion & Japanese fashion wholesale clothing china store wholesalelucky.com. High quality summer dress collection is exclusively designed for all fashion women.

Cheap Dress is available on Korean Japan Clothing for sale. High quality cheap dress collection is exclusively designed for all fashion freaks. The entire collection is unique in itself.  It truly enhances your appearances.



Summer is countdown, and it is coming to time of sandals. Do you know there are which kinds of new style shoes for women in uptime summer? Now wholesale shoes china for women online shop wholesalelucky.com introduces several high-heeled sandals that will be popular in the summer of 2012. Have a look to see if there is your favor.


When see this pair of high-heeled sandals, if you are moved by a kind of stunning feeling? Peacock blue is splicing with purple, inlaid beading and luxurious extravagance, a very beautiful feeling.


This orange high-heeled summer sandals, minimalist style, summer, regardless of dress or select shoes are seeking a simple and refreshing, two straps of the shoe design, is extremely simple.


High-heeled sandals of mixed colors, powder blue and milk white stitching, this is also the color of this year, giving the sweet feeling very matte finish by age.


Black woven upper slope wedge sandals, gold buckle ankle strap and golden Liu nail design, it highlights the details of America, and gold and black combination of classic pop.


Black hollow cross the bandage fish toe sandals, Roman sandals design style is very suitable for the foot is not very pretty girls, very handsome.


Gold high-heeled sandals, wholesale fashion shoe design is very chic, the geometry of the upper, heavy metal feel, great personality, with nine points harem pants is a fashion type.


Beaded decorative ankle strap high-heeled sandals, the upper cross-strap design, minimalist style, very elegant and charming, coupled with the dress is very remarkable temperament.


Flowers decorative waterproof high-heeled sandals, gold in particular shining very gorgeous and noble, worn in feet are very excellent.


Slope with sandals, pink bow vamp, very sweet and cute style, although the style is simple, but the wedge shoes feel very comfortable when worn in feet.


Hit-color high-heeled sandals with waterproof four-color stitching soles is especially showing strong design talent. Uppers are with simple black strap design. This summer fashion shoe gives the feeling of tow pieces.


Wholesalelucky.com provides exciting shopping experiences via its shoes online shop. The fashion shoes range offered is exclusively designed for fashion female buyers worldwide. It is trendy and cheap. The entire range truly compliments your personality.



In the summer of this year, the bohemian style is still very popular. Fashionable and uninhibited bohemian long fashion dress is favored by many girls. When wear it brings a kind of goddess-like temperament than so addictive. Next 2012 summer Korean fashion & wholesale dresses online shop wholesalelucky.com introduces several bohemian dress styles, swaying summer to be a beautiful lady.


This bohemian long dress, made of light chiffon fabrics, bright colors, chest flouncing design, loose version type, gorgeous fashion. Wore exceptionally charming and seductive, full of romantic and aesthetic atmosphere.


With personalized patterns fashion bohemian dress, pleated waist pressure wore particularly significant high. Flowing skirt, dancing flying and romantic atmosphere. Exquisite classical chest beaded ornaments, reveals a deep retro atmosphere.


Dark blue chiffon bohemian dress, blue background, red and green printing, particularly fresh and eye-catching, full of exotic flavor. Bohemian style has always been so romantic aesthetic.


The Bright colors Asian fashion Bohemia harness fashion dress, people can not ignore fashion charm. Dress always easy to bloom and romantic atmosphere, full of colorful colors colorful summer flavor.


Bra style sexy bohemian dress, sunlight patterns. The skirt of the romantic and beautiful, sunlight patterns and Hyun-color combination of strong visual impact.


Chiffon Bohemian fashion dress, the fresh green of the waves, full of romantic atmosphere, sweet and stylish. With shawl scarf, stroll the beach super cents.


Simple but elegant and fresh bohemian dress, a kind of small, fresh taste, very lady of style, wear on the body's delicate sweet, yet the girl's romantic feelings.


Bohemian cut a striking figure in the fashion industry to be more popular by the crowd, wore full of vitality passion, also show the beauty and character. This white shoulder bohemian dress, chest flounced designed to create the full effect, pure and sexy.


Korean Japan Clothing brings new fashionable amazing Bohemian dress collections for women. The cheap dress offered on it is of high quality and elegant. For amazing cheap dress ideas, log in wholesale clothing online store wholesalelucky.com and make a fashion shopping experience.



Many girls are followers of Korean fashion, and particular like Korean clothing. Then for upcoming summer, what new and different styles for the Korean fashion dresses? Wholesale Korean fashion online shop wholesalelucky.com recommends ten Korean dress that romantic aesthetic and cute.


One-piece denim dress is strongly of young girl’s style, and looks particular playful and lively, full of the sense of youthful vitality. Wearing a beautiful dress, feel the cool and energetic of summer, fresh and fashionable.


Striped vest dress, Korean fashion casual models is simple and comfortable. Classic black and white, the Slim version of the type thin lovely. Accompanied by a white perspective smock, simple and fresh, but also sunshine.


In every summer Bohemian long dress is all the rage. Filled with exotic patterns, elegant and romantic feeling is strikingly endless. Wearing a bohemian dress to go to the seaside resort.


Korean fashion off shoulder floral chiffon dress, very summer feeling. Loose version of the type design of the shoulder, worn particularly significant temperament. Coupled with the wide-brimmed hat, is a summer travel essential single product.


White cardigan collocates with a light pink dress, casual with a very generous and good-looking, and looks very fresh and clean. Suction Harumi take people to feel with colorful and beautiful summer.


Hong Kong fashion Printed Tee Dress, casual style, personality, print design, put it on a casual ease, especially the resort wear, casual fashion sense, and also a little girl style.


Sweet and romantic Chiffon Tube Top Dress, especially fresh and beautiful to wear it to go to the beach resort, full of a sense of youthful vitality, watching a good mood!


Sweet and lovely floral dress, traveling dress up as early summer most people can resist, or single girl may wish to defeat a peach index soared to create a romantic feeling.


Korean fashion Light Blue Tee Dress, Bra design is very generous, and when worn in body temperament is shown. Slim version was thinning and comfortable, fresh and a little sweet taste.


Floral strapless dress, strapless and slim waist style, upper body is with relaxed version, particularly thinning. Especially the simple and elegant floral is giving the feeling of ladies that very delicate and sweet.


Make a purchase of Korean fashion dress with Korean Japan Clothing’s wholesale clothes. It offers all kinds of new arrivals at the best prices. So use its wholesale Asian fashion clothing for amazing shopping experiences.



Elegant dresses are cute and pretty. Every summer is the time when girls cheer up, so many styles of summer dress are always addictive, as if wants to wear each piece in body to satisfy. Dress is the representative that most explain feminine favor. The soft chiffon, noble satin, the comfort of cotton, each piece of dress exudes a unique charm. Below new arrival wholesale fashion and dress styles from wholesale clothing online store wholesalelucky.com!


Sweet Japanese fashion dress in blue dots is with a generous sense of the shoulder lace design bring a touch of playful sense. Wide belt of the same color for a soft skirt a neat feeling, and outlines the waist curve.


The pink satin summer dress is very festive, and brings a piece of bright color for summer. Straight type of design is very simple, and the skirt length is just showing slender legs. Echoes of the right of black fish head high heels and a small bag with pink with very generous.


Chiffon texture stripes and wave point and white pattern Japanese fashion summer dress is very playful, sense of lightness of the skirt make up a complex pattern looks youthful atmosphere. Waist wide waist design allows the skirt to look more to close the body to make up for the loose sense of the chiffon.


The nude-colored fashion summer dresses models funnel-shaped, up and down the wide middle thin design can make people look more petite figure slim masked fattening parts of the body. Layer to take the design to bring the layering in his breast, a touch of color to add a small woman's taste.


Red and white striped summer Japanese fashion dress full of comfort, full of feminine styles with red and white stripes of the gradient is very sense of jumping. Crochet stressed that the black lines to the stature of the skirt, the fifth sleeve design can cover up the arm fat.


Japanese fashion light blue short dress and well-liked, light and comfortable feel in the summer, if you feel too monotonous skirt with a black stovepipe legging to prevent emptied at the same time can also be modified legs. White waist belt light blue with clean and fresh woven bag of the summer of choice for a single product.


All above 2012 newest summer dress styles are offered at wholesale clothing china online shop wholesalelucky.com!

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