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Well today at 12 noon, the doctors came in and told everyone that my sister could not have her bypass surgery today. They had already taken x-rays of her arteries in her neck. And , the one on the left side of her neck is 80% closed. So today they had to go in and operate on her neck. Open the artery up and clean it out. Close her back up and prey they got all the blockage. They had to do this operation first to allow a better passage for blood to flow to her brain for the bypass. They took her back at 1pm and we didnt see her until 730pm.. Such a long day. Doctor said she did really good during it all. If she stays stable, her bypass will be Monday. If she gets worse over the weekend, they will do an emergency bypass. So far, the doctors say 3 arteries, but maybe all 5 once they get in there. She looked good when she came out of surgery. Good color, nodded her head when we spoke to her. But, of course still drugged really heavily. Under the circumstances she looked good, but rough. I guess most of us have been in a situation just like this. Hell on earth aint it.. I will write more later. Will share with the ones that care as soon as I can.. Love ya Mandy AND P.S. Durgeres has been right there with my family the whole time. What a man I have now.. I keep reminding myself that He is NOT a dream.. {{{{HUGS}}}}
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