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Welcome to a series of “DIDJA KNOW” facts about Hep C. These bulletins are written for people that don't know facts about Hep C (believe me this includes the victims sometimes too!) I will NOT be checking on comments so I cannot take responsibility for what is said..sooo if you need to respond to me about anything please email me. One goal is NOT TO BE BORING but informative. So I will try to shock you in order to achieve the other goals: ** To help you want to come back and read the next one, ** To help you remember the first one, ** and (it is so fervently hoped) to make you want to repost it. Here we go!!! Stop the truck before we go the next mile! IMPORTANT POINT! In America 10% of victims have tested positive but either have not retrieved or moved before they could be informed of their test results being POSITIVE for the Hepatitis C Virus. The walking infected and/or ignorant victims are responsible for passing along the virus and thus the disease. (In England it is 20% - 100,000 are infected and do not know.) What are the stats in your country? A huge 80% of the time Hep C presents NO SYMPTOMS AT ALL. Typically it is normal to present health issues 20 YEARS LATER. That is because the victim’s liver has finally succumbed to the disease caused by the virus. (sidenote from CinDragon...this is what happened to me! Probably became infected with HepC in the late '70's'/80's) For up to twenty years these 500,000 victims (five hundred thousand US citizens...half a million of us!) have been happily living their life, bandaging their kids cuts and scrapes, sharing their razor with their loved ones, and many other normal every day responses. I know of one family where years down the line Dad found out he had it and after testing, Mom and one son then tested positive. One son made it out without becoming infected. This story repeats over and over and over. Sooooo from here on if you don’t know for sure, here is the rule of thumb - If YOU bleed, YOU clean it up. If THEY bleed, THEY clean it up. If the bleeder cannot clean it up someone call in a professional. -------------------------------------------- I am pleading with all my friends, and everyone that reads this blog, PLEASE DEMAND TO BE TESTED FOR HEP C!!! I asked my doctor(s) since 1999 to do a hepatitis panel, and every one of them said that it was not necessary.....WTF!!! Now I am unemployable in my chosen profession, and without income or medical insurance, and cannot see a doctor other than the quack at the county board of health that does not have a clue about Hep C... Thanks for your continued prayers, love, and support! xoxox Cindy
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