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BOTOX Application has Become a Cause of Hepatitis and HIV. Mass Public Testing Needed

Quote: "We're not talking about 40,000 or 50,000 people. We're talking about hundreds of thousands of injections" BOTOX vials come with enough product to treat 2 to 5 people or more, however the vial is only sterile for ONE use. The problem stems from the fact that medical professionals administering the drug cannot charge as much as the vial cost them. The result is that they feel forced to contaminate the vial to treat the next person in line for a dose. The risk for Hep C, Hep B and HIV is massive.

How BOTOX application facilities adjust:

Action: Take up to five syringes, pull one treatment into each syringe and treat multiple people from one vial.

: This is an illegal practice. This is not a controlled or approved medical practice and mistakes can easily be made.

Action: One syringe is used to draw from the same vial more than once on one patient. The contents of that vial are now fully contaminated. The next patient comes in. A new needle is used to draw from the contaminated vial. This has become almost a common malpractice among medical facilities (source:

Problem: The danger not easily seen is because a new syringe is being used yet the VIAL is contaminated.

Action: The same syringe is used on each patient.

Problem: The syringe is contaminated the moment it is used the first time.

The most proactive action you, as the consumer or patient, can do is to insist on seeing the syringe removed from its packaging and also to insist to see the seal broken on the vial…any vial.

Here, again is the link to the article this blog was born from: 

What you will further read in this article is that there has been a federal lawsuit filed in California. It is accused that the sales people for the makers of BOTOX routinely urge medical professionals to make the single use vial a multi-use vial. This accusation is widely supported by application facilities.

We will be monitoring the outcome. In the interim the call for infectious testing stands. Do not wait to be tested.

Why is this practice such a massive issue to the greater public health? Because the largest ways the HCV, HBV and HIV blood born viruses are passed along is through multiple syringe use and through infected blood products. We have both being discussed here (contaminated vial and used syringe possibilities)

Three tests (HCV, HBV, HIV) for infection are needed due to this malpractice by Medical professionals. Why is the risk higher for HCV than for HIV or HBV? Here are some reasons:

**Because in one drop of blood you may find 5 particles of the HIVirus while in one drop of HCV infected blood you can find upwards past 100,000 (one hundred thousand) particles of this virus. Yale is just one confirming source: 

**As well the HCV virus is very determined in its bid to infect human cells. Same source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNLVp1tVECM

**HCV has no symptoms. 80% of the time the victim does not know they have become infected (for up to 20 years), therefore does not know not they are infecting others. People from ALL walks of life have Hep C and do not know it.

**60% (3 million people) have Hep C and do not know they carry the virus in the US

**People infected with HCV outnumber people infected with HIV in the US by over 5 to 1 (5 million HCV infected / 1 million HIV infected) HBV infects 1.4 million here in the US.

In closing, the article states that Medical professionals seem to be flaunting their illegal actions saying with conviction they understand how to keep the public safe by ignoring safety practices. This serious infectious practice requires your action.

1) Be tested
2) Pass this information along.
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