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36 Year Old · Male · Joined on October 24, 2005 · Born on February 6th · I have a crush on someone!
36 Year Old · Male · Joined on October 24, 2005 · Born on February 6th · I have a crush on someone!

I do still occasionally rap (myspace.com/robemcom) but I also play rhythm guitar and do lead vocals for my metal band Standing In Darkness (myspace.com/standindarkness). Please feel free to check out both myspaces and leave feedback - thank you.

Other than that I love playing guitar, partying, and enjoying a few drinks every now and then at the local bars in westfield.

If you live near by message me we'll chill sometime.

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36 Year Old · Male · Joined on October 24, 2005 · Born on February 6th · I have a crush on someone!
My interests are rapping, making music, producing beats - check it all out at http://www.Robem.com

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All That Remains is a great metalcore band - they have the heartfelt lyrics which really get to me sometimes and amazing guitarwork on top of that.

This songs sums up a lot.
I like Comedy and Horror movies
I have way too many idols to name, but I name a few in my song Infuences.

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