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Slowhand's blog: "Random Thoughts"

created on 05/09/2008  |  http://fubar.com/random-thoughts/b214508

never really understood what these things were all about. But if it's an easy way to get points, then who am I to complain?

Hi everyone. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has helped me over the past few weeks reach fu-king thank you all so much. Some of the people that have helped me: Debicakes (i love you baby) soul searcher (one of my best friends) Ra Ra (thanks sweetie) Darth Rob (one of my new friends on here. you rock bro) countrygurlatheart (BFF) car nut (thanks alot vince) the barracuda (ur awesome Mike) chris (my fu drinkin buddy and a great friend) cateyes36 ( *hugsss* to my sweet friend cindy) sweetvagal (thanks a bunch Linda) silverpixi ( luv ya to death Ro) and there are many more to mention but that would take a very long time to type on here. LOL! so i'll say "thanks to everyone that helped me level. You all Rock"
Why do they call it a freeway when our tax dollors pay for it? That ain't really free. Why is it I can watch a really gory movie while eating and not have an upset stomach? Yet if I were to see something like that for real it would make me ill. Why is it when you're at work you never can find a manager when you need one, yet when you don't need one they're right there breathing down your neck? Why is it some of the people you work with can get away with shit yet if you do it, you're either suspended or worse yet fired? Why don't your own farts stink but everyone elses do? Why do people bitch about wrestling being fake when these same people will watch movies and enjoy them? Why can't I get the most annoying song out of my head(Drop It While It's Hot)? Why can't people remember Elvis for being a great singer and not some overweight drug addict?
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