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1784503's blog: "Quick Thoughts"

created on 05/29/2008  |  http://fubar.com/quick-thoughts/b219530
I have a change to get a newer computer for school. Mac is more expensive price but heard and have gone to the web site and seams a lot better than the typical PC. But for the same price of a Mac i can get a nice rigged out PC. Should I get a Mac or I get a rigged out pc? Comments appreciated.
I have realized people can change unexpected.Sad part is they change and they dont even give a shit who they hurt. Some people just blow it off as no big deal. But to me it is a big deal. I know I'll eventually I will move on because, i always do. They pain will still be there but, I learned never to stare at the passed. Just look at it and learn from it.
Think I am going to put a warning lable on my forehead and take a picture. Then put it up on here. Going to say WARNING: to nice stay away if you cant handle. Seams act of kindness can be too much. Well think im staying low key for a while. nothing here but heart breakers, point whores. Like i said in the last blog I wrote I have good friends on here and they know who they are.
I fine it sad that there are more people who use people for there goodness, Than there good people who just want to share there goodness. Not sure why that is. For the once who been true friends and you know who you are Thank you!!
Thinking be to nice can be a bad thing..apparently it scares people or maybe i just scare people? comments apperciated


Why do bad things happen to good people?
I find it amazing how sometime you can make an instant friendship with someone. Its a great feeling dont you agree?
A writers Imagianation is place we can not physically touch. That is why we write.
Talk about appreciating the small stuff. Lately been feeling lots of anxiety. Really not sure what trigger it. But I remember a friend told me once said right feelings follow right actions. So about 25 mins ago I decided to start cleaning cleaning always makes me feel better when I am done. Well I was going though some old clothes of mind and Rickys and I saw the cutest thing kinda made me smile and for about 10 mins i was anxiety free. I found one of his new born Baby sock. brought me back to a time when I had to do everything for him cause he depending and put trust in me. I look at him now and hes dong simple like feeding him self, can put on his pants on even though there backwards and twisted..lol he can run, walk, talk and a hole lot wow an amazing concept.
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