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Yeah I start online college on the 16th. will cut into my internet night time life. Ill miss my talking to my friends. But It's for something good. I will show so love and say hi when I have time. Dont worry wont forget you guys specially the once on my family.. in case you dont know who you special people are here's a list. No specific order but here they are The Hoody™ Infamous 4-Life

@ fubar Memphis Mike

@ fubar Dusty

@ fubar Neptune's Human

@ fubar ~Cubby~ owned by Slirpa

@ fubar Timmy - R/L fake, Chairman of the Bored, and Fu-owned by my desires...

@ fubar manly - 28th Angel - Thirsty Thursday!

@ fubar misterfeet

@ fubar misterfeet

@ fubar §hmernikins.cordell

@ fubar AJ1™

@ fubar VAguy

@ fubar david1211

@ fubar midnitecrew203

@ fubar
I am uploading up a lots pictures. Tomorrow I am buying a vip, and will be uploading more and when im done up loading I will open my pictures because i will b putting my auto 11's on Saturday night not exactally sure yet.

Photobucket Hey friends and family, Plz come check out my good friend midnitecrew203, spanking him with lot of fu love and level him to level 12 click his picture below and Spank him HARD midnitecrew203

@ fubar
my friend matt just joined fubar and could you show him some love. Tell him that Shay sent you mattcyr3

@ fubar

Free Graphics at commentbaby.com

ATTENTION: Friends my 29th birthday is tommorow October 11th. Come to my page, and show me some me lots of fu spankings. I know I have a long way to go but I am trying to reach GODFATHER on my birthday so I am asking for your help PLZ Level me.

On october 11 my birday will be here I will be 29 yrs old. OMG almost 30...lol...look good for my age dont I...ANYWAYS I figure if cubby can get for blings from begging and get them thought I would give it a try. Pounder on this one Wouldnt it be awsome if had me an auto 11 on me birthday? not only becuase it my birthday but because 11 happens to be my luck number... yeah i thought would be awsome too. So who the lucky one to make my birthday wish come true?...even if you dont make my birthday wish happen ill still love you guys...MAUHHHHHHH
THIS IS NOT FOR THE PEOPLE ON MY FAMILY LIST. I sick of just having people on my friends list that dont do anything, whats the point of being my list if i dont even talk with you or only get talk to when your in a contest or need help leveling you wanna stay on my friends list let me know in a email or comment. buy the end of the week if I dont here from you i asume you just want to be deleted off my list.
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Meet my great friend Dusty he needs some help getting to henchman show him some fubar love. I known him a while and I know that hes great at returning the favor!! > PLEASE click on his picture below!!. > Dusty S*U*P*

@ fubar > >
Hey friends and family just letting you know my cable modem is down if i dont get back to you quick enough just know that I am on laptop wireless and where im live i keep getting knock off. MOnday there supposed to fix it so i hope then ill beable to have my normal fubar fun

Look Who's Haveing Back to Back to Back Happy Hours, Monday 10AM, 11AM,12PM and 1PM. Show these 4 much love during their Happy Hours. They all return the Love that is shown to them. Rate, Fan and Add em!! Sandy-Help her get to Disciple Photobucket Metal Forever-Help him get to Disciple Photobucket Nite-Help her get to Insider Photobucket Storm- This is her First HH!!!! Photobucket
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