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The woman who only got 12 years for multiple counts of rape and murder. | Criminal (vocal.media)

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Probation as Punishment for First Degree Murder | Criminal (vocal.media)

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The Columbine Massacre | Criminal (vocal.media)

Ok.. so.. lately on my facebook account, I have been seeing sooo many people bitching about how awful it is to see a woman breastfeeding her child in public.


But what has really led me to feel the need to post something is this:



This man had NO right to photograph this woman while she was nursing her son. He should be the one shamed for his childish behavior! Meanwhile, there are so many people commenting on this crap on social media that its ridiculous. The mother says that she was showing less than what you would see on some girls walking down the street. She couldn't be more right! The guy who posted her photo on social media followed with this: “I want to know if this is appropriate or inappropriate as I’m trying to eat.”

Well that's all the baby was doing, eating! If you don't approve of a mother meeting her childs most basic need, one you're an idiot who should never procreate and two you're a pervert for seeing it as anything other than a mother offering nutrients to her child. Do you think that asshat would have questioned it if it were some bimbo in short shorts with her ass hanging out or a low cut top with side boob or extensive cleavage showing?? No... but because it's something non sexual or skanky, here comes Mr. or Ms. Idiot to point out how out of line this mother is.


"Well she could have atleast covered herself" Yeah, true.. but maybe its hot. Maybe the baby fusses and doesn't like to be covered while eating. Would you want to eat your meal in a bath room or under a blanket? "Well she should pump and bring the bottle if she is going to be out in public" Maybe the baby won't take the bottle? Ever breast fed a child before? Some of them refuse the bottle. Izzy did. She HATED the bottle. Not to mention that skin to skin contact sends a message into your body telling it what to produce more or less of for the child. If you don't approve of a mother feeding her child, then don't fuckin look, eh? You shouldn't be looking anyways. Mind your own damn business!

I hate living in a world where feeding your child is so out of line, but you can have douche bag guys come in topless with firefighter costumes on and thats ok.. or places like Hooters where the girls are deliberate skanks.. no one questions whether or not thats appropriate. People are so assbackwards it makes me sick. You can have shampoo commercials where girls are practically orgasming over shampoo and strutting around in thongs and bras. Hook up website commercials.. phone sex commercials..  Pictures of half naked girls with enourmous fake tits licking beer bottles or bent over in restaurants.... All that is fine. But throw in a breast feeding mama and all hell breaks loose. Have some respect for mothers who are just feeding their children. Douche bags

Instead of having to repeat myself over and over, I've decided to post this here. Take the time to read it instead of just shouting me asking about prices, because you're ultimately just gonna start getting linked here, K? Thanx.


Prices and what I do..

If you want a skin, I charge 15 credits. Unlike most on here, I do my own codes and put a lot of work into my skins. That doesn't mean it's gonna take me forever to get it done and if for whatever reason, something happens that is fixable (ex. A link breaks on said skin) I will replace it with a new link. I'm not the kind of person that's gonna charge for something and after you've paid, I go and delete all the links. I think it's stupid when people do that. Recently Fubar has eaten everyones skins and I have re done a few peoples, but if that happens again, I will not redo every single skin.. that is way too much work that I don't have time for.


If you want me to code your "about me" section as well as a skin, I charge 20 credits.

If you don't know what that means, I have a few people that like for me to add pictures, links, music, different writing, saying's, etc..  onto their "about me" sections. These codes will be emailed to you and all you have to do is copy n paste it into your "about me" section.


If you want a gif made for fu side or for your mafia toon.. I charge 4 credits.


 photo hubbys biohazard_zps9trtuie4.gif photo rainbow spook_zpsamtqktwh.gif photo fuck it gif_zpsndbvvii2.gif   photo spell caster gif_zpscnm0dsxo.gif  photo desis cuppycakes_zpsaspavdjs.gif   photo desis ink_zpssply8dos.gif


If you want a custom made jpg picture for your profile, I charge 2 credits.


 photo Mrs. Monster 3_zpsyjgbduno.jpg


 photo 99978937_zpseljpszpi.jpg



RULES: if you ask me for something and are not completely satisfied, I don't have a problem changing it. However, that doesn't mean I am going to sit here all day and redo a gif, jpg, or skin. If you ask me to redo something more than 3 times, I will start charging 1 credit for every redo.


If you give me the command of "Surprise me with something" and you don't like it, then you better give me some kind of idea on what you want.. leading me blindly into some project really annoys me and I don't have time to try and tear apart your profile to find out what you might like. I have 2 kids to tend to and no time to waste. So, you better atleast give me some kind of out line to go on... colors, interests.. etc. I'm not a fucking psychic. K? Thanks.

Some days on here, I get flooded with crap from idiots. Today I have gotten about 20 friend requests from a bunch of stupid ass guys and its annoying as shit. I don't go around hitting anyones buttons.. I don't do blasts, special ability bling, happy hours, forums, lounges... etc.. yet somehow these douche bags still find me. If I had any interest in being your fucking friend, I wouldn't have all my shit super private. If you don't know me, don't friend request me. Especially with some stupid ass message like "hey there sexy" I don't need your "compliments" to feel better about myself. I'm not interested in any bling you want to send me. I'm not interested in your credit packs. No I will not get on cam for you. No, I won't help you level. If I don't know you, I probably don't like you already. 


P.S.- Whats with you fuckers that are older than my dad sending me friend requests and panty droppers?! Seriously? Wtf is wrong with you? It's bad enough that douche bags in my own age range are doing it. You make me sick. 

So last night I was talking to my baby and uploading new pictures for him. After I uploaded, i was looking through them and reading old comments he had left me because I am a total dork and like re-reading what he had to say.   

Before I met him, I wasn't so private. I had alot of my stuff public and didn't really care who was looking at it. I didn't think people were really looking at anything to be honest. I also thought differently. I didn't think that certain pictures were bad. I saw it as art mostly.. I liked the lighting in pictures, or the makeup.. whatever. My baby has taught me that not all people see it that way. So while I'm seeing something cool in a picture in a creative way.. some douche bag is undressing me with his/her eyes. o.O Not fucking kewl. 

I had no idea there was a "block rips" option on pictures.. but even after knowing about that.. its not like it makes a difference. People can still save your pictures and upload them anyways. You can't win and Fubar doesn't want to do anything to help. It's complete bullshit. Why on earth do pervs feel the need to rip someones picture anyways? ESPECIALLY without permission. That's like coming into my house and stealing my panties. Its not fucking okay and I don't fucking appreciate it.

I talked to a bouncer in the help lounge and they say they can ony do something if the photo is copyrighted. Its fucking stupid. SO because my face is not copyrighted, that makes it ok for some asshole to come along and add me to their retarded collection of "fu-babes", or "fu-hotties", or whatever disturbing collection they happen to have? That's complete bullshit. I don't want my face on some dudes page. I don't know if they think I'm flattered by this, but I am most definately not. If I wanted you to have my pictures, I would make an album for you and invite you to rip them. So short of a fucking lobotomy, you have no excuse to act like such a twat. I asked politely at first for these people to remove my photos and they ignored me.


Sooo feel free to stop by and thank all these assholes for me making ALL of MY pics private to only family






Those are the only I found last night. Doesn't mean theres not more that I haven't found yet.

One of em has a picture of me from when I was blonde.. which means the picture is abut 3-4 years old, I think.

It's definately been deleted for awhile.. It would only make sense that when YOU DELETE a picture..if all of the "statistics/comments/etc" are deleted.. then every rip of it would be deleted too.. but noooo... that's not the fubar way, I guess.

Blah.. fubar can shove their copyright nonsense right up their ass.


lips0farsenic: anybody here now cuz I need help
Moet: hello lips
lips0farsenic: hi
Moet: how can we help you
lips0farsenic: hmm ok.. I joined fu a long time ago and didn't really know about the privacy stuff until pretty recently. Didn't know you could block rips n stuff
Moet: yes you can
Moet: are you trying to figure out how?
lips0farsenic: yesterday, I was deleting pics and moving em to different albums and I noticed that some of my stuff is ripped by people.. I didn't even know they had it.. and I don't want them to. I don't care if people rip gifs or random pics.. but I don't want ME in their weird collection of "fubar babes" or "hot chicks"
lips0farsenic: is there anyway I can have the pics from those peoples profiles removed?
Moet: lips, if they are already ripped, no you cant, but let me get additional guidance. hold on ok
lips0farsenic: I've asked some and get no reply at all.. and some look like they don't even come on fubar anymore.
lips0farsenic: ok.
Moet: lips, unless those pics are copyrighted, you cant
lips0farsenic: so you're telling me any random creeper can just steal my pics and there is nothing fubar can do about having them removed?
Moet: no other site could do anything about that lips, unless you have copyrights for those pics
lips0farsenic: I would think that if I have deleted the pic.. all rips, comments, etc would go along with it
Moet: its not just fubar
SaBiA: unless they are copyrighted thats the risk we take by uploading any pics on the internet
Moet: I have pics deleted and they are still in my friends album, so that doesnt do the trick.
lips0farsenic: I was saying that on other sites where people can rip photos, if you delete it from yours.. ALL rips go with it. thats all
Moet: well lips, if you upload pics here, they can save them to their computer and upload them too. be careful what you post on any site on the internet.
Moet: lips, there are great options, to have your pics to friends only, or family only as well.
Moet: the rip block will only help you so much
lips0farsenic: I know
lips0farsenic: I just don't want my face on some pervs profile... but I guess I just have to deal with it.


They have no problem flagging NSFW all day.. but when someone steals your face to perv on or to stalk you.. its all good. Great morals

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