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Instead of having to repeat myself over and over, I've decided to post this here. Take the time to read it instead of just shouting me asking about prices, because you're ultimately just gonna start getting linked here, K? Thanx.


Prices and what I do..

If you want a skin, I charge 15 credits. Unlike most on here, I do my own codes and put a lot of work into my skins. That doesn't mean it's gonna take me forever to get it done and if for whatever reason, something happens that is fixable (ex. A link breaks on said skin) I will replace it with a new link. I'm not the kind of person that's gonna charge for something and after you've paid, I go and delete all the links. I think it's stupid when people do that. Recently Fubar has eaten everyones skins and I have re done a few peoples, but if that happens again, I will not redo every single skin.. that is way too much work that I don't have time for.


If you want me to code your "about me" section as well as a skin, I charge 20 credits.

If you don't know what that means, I have a few people that like for me to add pictures, links, music, different writing, saying's, etc..  onto their "about me" sections. These codes will be emailed to you and all you have to do is copy n paste it into your "about me" section.


If you want a gif made for fu side or for your mafia toon.. I charge 4 credits.


 photo hubbys biohazard_zps9trtuie4.gif photo rainbow spook_zpsamtqktwh.gif photo fuck it gif_zpsndbvvii2.gif   photo spell caster gif_zpscnm0dsxo.gif  photo desis cuppycakes_zpsaspavdjs.gif   photo desis ink_zpssply8dos.gif


If you want a custom made jpg picture for your profile, I charge 2 credits.


 photo Mrs. Monster 3_zpsyjgbduno.jpg


 photo 99978937_zpseljpszpi.jpg



RULES: if you ask me for something and are not completely satisfied, I don't have a problem changing it. However, that doesn't mean I am going to sit here all day and redo a gif, jpg, or skin. If you ask me to redo something more than 3 times, I will start charging 1 credit for every redo.


If you give me the command of "Surprise me with something" and you don't like it, then you better give me some kind of idea on what you want.. leading me blindly into some project really annoys me and I don't have time to try and tear apart your profile to find out what you might like. I have 2 kids to tend to and no time to waste. So, you better atleast give me some kind of out line to go on... colors, interests.. etc. I'm not a fucking psychic. K? Thanks.

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