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Petal's blog: "Only Then ...."

created on 03/16/2007  |  http://fubar.com/only-then/b65386
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A few weeks ago my son in law was driving taxi one eve when a young man entered his life as a new fare.  He asked to be taken to a shelter for the homeless.   As he spoke to him he learned of his difficult beginning in our city where he had come with much hope to start a life with friends from Toronto.  He had given them his portion of rent as well as what was to cover a security deposit.  The next day when he awoke his friends were gone.  He had a secure job and continued working at this but his " friends " did not appear for many days and the rent funds had apparently disappeared as well.  He was evicted from the apartment as he could not pay.  My son in law told him he may have a place for him to stay and a job and gave him his phone number. 
After consulting with all of us ( there are seven of us that live together at this time )  we all agreed we must help this young man out.  My daughter and her husband went from shelter to shelter to find him.  He was brought home to a soft couch, warm food and told he had a job and could stay as long as needed.  We soon learned he had a girlfriend who now works for us as well and they reside in our heated camper.  They are very kind, caring people with great faith that have just fallen on difficult times. We have received so much back in getting to know them, sharing life.  It only takes compassion. Trust and a willingness to step out of our comfort zone and reach a hand to another.

  I know it is not a possible for everyone to take in a homeless person and give them work .. feed them but if you have clothing.. food ..a warm blanket .. anything to assist another ..
There are five thousand homeless from my home city alone.  So much need in the world.  We become consumed with our small existences..  often meaning  well but forget to help our neighbour. I pray you shall not hesitate .. for if it was you.. would you not hope .. with all your strength that another human being would care enough.. to help in some small way.  I was out yesterday in the cold evening.. with the elements biting ... so so cold and my thoughts could not help but travel to all those still out there.  I wish there was more I could do. 

I received a message .. from a woman dying.. supposedly in  .. the Netherlands and she had 2.5 million dollars .. some of which she offered me to work for orphans and single mothers.. house them.. teach them of faith.. If she only knew I already do.  ( The young woman and man that we assist both have children they hope to bring here in time. ) Of course I realize this was a scam of some sort.. for people just do not offer others they do not know over the internet sums of money... this had my heart ache even more so .. that there are those that will not recognize this type of thing for what it is and perhaps lose funds or identity by offering the information asked for.  Why must our world be so?   I certainly do not know.  I shall only go on.. trying to show by example that there is good that faith will not let you down. 
 I told my daughter I wish to help our world in any way I am able.. she thinks I am cute..  " Your one in six billion Mom !  "  .. was her reply but well.. I may be that but I a determined one.. with no resources but my heart and spirit..very strong faith. I shall make a difference.. Just watch me !!
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