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created on 06/30/2008  |  http://fubar.com/storytime/b227728
My girlfriends and I sat in the pub, tucked in a long row of dimly lit booths with high backs that gave one the illusion of being secluded. We talked and laughed, ate and drank, and fell into easy conversation the way women tend to. By the time we heard the house band starting up in the next room, conversation had turned to sex and men and complaints and whining. "It's been months for me!" I pouted at my friends, most of whom were in relationships and complained they were always being attacked (no one, it seems, is ever satisfied really). "I'd kill just to be taken and used until I walk funny for days and days," I grin evilly at the table. "Something....somebody....to REALLY make up for lost time." "Noooooo you wouldn't" crooned one friend, laughing at me. "You'd want the whole deal, dinner, movie, proper romancing. Just like the rest of us sister, you'd want the whole package." The rest of the table laughed in agreement while I chuckled, shaking my head. "Nuh uh ladies. Just some good old fashioned, screw my brains out and walk away. You all know I don't have the time or patience to even consider dating, much less a real relationship that'd take up energy I don't have. Work's insane right now and if I play my cards right, I'll be up for a promotion in no time. Nope. What I NEED is a no strings attached, rode hard and put up wet, walk'n bowlegged for days good screwing. " Nudging me in the ribs "Say that to any man in this room and you'll have your wish!!" the table bursts out with laugher and the conversation turns to complaints about just being left alone to get some sleep. But I can't help scanning the room, looking for options. True, most men would find my "come on" line more than invitation enough. But watching the single men move around the bar, hovering 20something Barbie's' I felt a lessening in the desire. Nothing here would sate my need nor would they come close to the earth-shattering encounter my mind begged for. Letting out an audible sigh, I turn my attention back to the ladies who were now discussing the newest male review to roll through town and am immediately caught up again in how much I adore my crazy friends. A couple more hours, and many more shots, pints, mixers hit the table and disappeared. More food came and went as we settled into people watching. By the time we all stood to gather belongings, my ribs hurt and most of my makeup had disappeared in tears and we rated the dance floor. Hugs were passed, promises of phone calls to come and we each scattered to the directions of our cars. I unfortunately, late as always, had parked blocks away. The night air was cool, the moon dim as it danced behind fast moving clouds. Traffic was light as I moved down the usually busy street and passersbys were few and far between. Thinking I'd rather get to my car than take the long way around, I cut down an alley, moving to my car swiftly, listening behind me as I became slightly spooked once the darkness of the building walls surrounded me. The lights of a van or truck pass the end of the alley and I rush towards them like a beacon in the night. There's a dumpster at the opening of the alley into the walled parking lot where my car is. I round it, cutting the corner close, and slam headlong into the shadowy form of a man. He grabs hold of my wrists, not to steady me, but to twist my unbalanced torso, forcing my back into him. A strong hand wraps around my neck and I feel the cold metal of a knife blade at my throat. "Be still little one." He whispers, his voice low, commanding, leaving my knees weak. I'm not sure if it's from fear or excitement as he continues "Be still and you'll not be hurt. You'll get your wishes and you'll be returned to this very spot before dawn. Be smart and you'll wobble away, "rode hard and put up wet" just as you asked." and while I can't see the smile on his face, I can hear it. He HEARD us....ME...and he's taking me up on it!!! I can feel the rush of pink hit my hair and travel quickly to my toes. My mind races. Fear hits (this could be some serial killer! good gods woman!! get a grip on yourself! kick scream run FIGHT! He's lying, you'll never be seen again and you know it). Excitement hit (this could be a wild ass ride, no pun intended). Fear again. Curiosity (who the hell IS this person??? and who the hell would DO this??? what the hell KIND of person?) Fear again. And then it occurred to me that while I'd been pondering....he'd taken my complacence as a good sign and was working a pair of handcuffs into place behind my back (uh...fuck). Next came something that looked like a golf ball with a hole through it and leather clasps. This he slid into my mouth and tightened at the back of my head until it was snug. I could breathe. I could make...mmmmumph sounds...but no words would come out and I couldn't really get any volume. While I considered this gadget, he now worked a silk scraf over my eyes, blinding me as I realize I'd never really gotten a clear look at him (the police will be deeply disappointed in me I fear). Whether I trust him to his word or not, this is happening. Him wrapping me into a neat little package took no more than a couple of minutes. He then took me by the hair and tugged me towards the van I'd seen earlier. While the pain certainly got my attention, it didn't take long to realize he was using it as kind of a horse bridle and if I stayed loose and let him lead me, there was no real pain. I put two and two together and he gently "led" me to the open side door and pushed me inside. As my shins hit the running board I literally fell in and instead of hitting bare floor, I feel soft blankets stacked to cushion my "fall". While he'd man handled me in, he never really hurt me. I hear him walk to the driver's door, enter, start the engine and feel us move away. I know now that my life is in this man's hands and there's nothing I can do about it.... We stop and start repeatedly as I try to tick away the minutes. Groping for some sense of direction while tentatively testing my bonds. It wasn't long before I realized that while playing with one thing , I'd lost track of others. (Granted, I never claimed I'd survive a horror movie -s-) Time had rolled along while I'd been tugging at my wrists behind my back and then had started trying to worm the blindfold up or the gag down. Giving up on both, my attention is drawn to the front. There's techno playing and I can hear him drumming along with the beat. His voice carries to me occasionally and I find his lost in thought singing almost comforting. Would a serial killer whistle while he worked, so to speak? While I debate that with myself, I feel us slow and pull in (as I hear what must be a garage door slide down, I wonder again if my wish may've been my end). I hear his door...then mine and I draw a deep breath. Again he tugs at me, ankles this time, pulling my toes only far enough to reach the ground. I feel his weight crawl its way up me and again become acutely aware of the cold metal as it touches bare skin here and there. One hand he uses to push my chin up and to the side, exposing my bare neck to whatever he pleases and the other draws the icy blade to my throat. He skims the blade along the line of my chin, whispering in my ear, "Remember what I said. Behave, obey, and you'll have your wish by dawn. Whether it be bowlegged or just release to return to your mundane life. Until then, you're mine to do with as I wish. You'll comply with any command quickly and without complaint. You will only speak when spoken to and it will always be with a yes or no response. That's it. "Yes, Sir. No, Sir". You will not come to any harm and will be returned as good as new if you comply." He lets me rest my weight against him and buries his hands deep in my hair, working the clasp there. As the ball falls away, I work my jaw back and forth, open and closed, drawing the blood back in. His voice is barely a whisper as he finishes by nibbling at my ear. "Do you understand?" "ye...yes sir" I mumble feeling afraid and foolish. He nudges my chin higher with the point of the knife, "Do not make me ask you to repeat yourself again. If I ask you a question, I expect to hear your answer. It's a waste of my time and this is the last time I'll repeat myself without punishment. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?" "Yes! Sir!" I stumble, stronger this time, but still slightly quakey. Still working my jaw and looking sheepishly at Him, he says "Now that's an interesting invitation lil one." and I realize what my mouth working must look like and almost (I say almost here because while the laughter traveled through my throat, he pushed me to my knees) laughed. "Let's get the blood flowing through those pretty little lips, shall we?" his hands in my hair he pushes me to my knees. "Unzip me." Still blind, I use my hands and fumble for his waistline. Finding the button and zipper, I work both as quickly as I can and feel "him" fall into my hands. I take him in my hands and start to warm him, sliding my hands up and down, slowly feeling him harden. "Use your mouth pet. Wake me." the command was unmistakable and I knew it was now or never. I either had to commit to escape and possible death or give in and hope that his word leads to a good story and not a shallow grave. Opening my mouth wide, I accept the fate I've been handed. I take him deep in my throat, pulling at him with a soft suction and playing circles as I worked my way up and down. I smile to myself as he hardens between my lips and I feel my core throb with too many months of needing the very thing I was holding in my mouth. The more I toyed with the idea of some release, the more excited I got, working him harder and faster. Using one hand, I gently massage his balls, while the other helps me stroke what my mouth misses. Soon he buries both hands in my hair and takes control, fucking my face and growling as he exploded down my throat, forcing me to gulp him down as he continued to tug my hair in rhythm with his climax. Both of us shaking, he pulls me to my feet and into a close hug, falling back himself for the support of the van. "Strip pet. Leave everything in a pile right here." He pulls away and moves into the van, pulling things out and dropping them to the concrete floor (which I now know because my feet are bare). I work my clothes off, careful when removing my shirt not to disturb the blindfold. "Hands in front of you," he tugs me out of place and I feel something like the handcuffs (the same, but different) locking over each wrist. I can feel the chain is longer and I have maybe two feet of play between them. This he uses to lead me, "Stand here. Up on your tiptoes." he says and my mind scrambles as I pop up. He pulls my hands above my head and when he lets go, I can feel that I've been "attached" to something. And it only took me once to realize that if I try for flat foot, my wrists would ache. "Stay!" he commands as I hear a door open and then close. After a minute or two, I became impatient. When time stretched too far for me to calculate anymore I began to wonder if he was even coming back at all. That'd be my luck. Kidnapped, forced blow job, made to stand all night while he sleeps it off, and dropped at the side of the road in the morning. I think I'd prefer the serial killer scenario at this point. Dancing from toe to toe, I heard the door again, there's an unbelievable relief that he'd returned for me (whacked I know). But it's not male hands that I feel and when I hear her voice, the tremble that'd started with relief now turned to one of dismay. She hugs me from behind, her arms crisscrossed, her hands kneed my breasts as she whispers in my ear "Now lil one, lets see if you can impress me as you have Master." For the first time, I was grateful for the chain holding me up. It wasn't her words so much as the evilly gleeful tone that held the promise of her full attentions yet to come.....
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