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As I stare Out into The darkness Of this Void, Searching for Someone, Maybe you Have seen Her. I don't know Her name, But she's The one. When I see Her, I Will Know She's for me


Detox I've purged you from my life every now and then I still get the shakes I still get the thirst your toxic this i know your toxicity boils my blood gives my brian a rush makes me seem like i ride the short bus makes me numb seems like im all thumbs im sick of being uncomfortably numb so here i sit in detox
Untitled I've been tryin to forget her for far to long now I'm finally over the pain of losing her but forever I'll always love her Unable to feel complete without her longing for her warm embrace needing to feel the warmth of her lips on mine one day I hope to love someone the way I love her but she can never be replaced
Darkness As I sit In my world Of darkness Peering out into The light that Everyone else Gets to enjoy I ask myself Why do I Have to live In a world Of darkness Where no one Loves me Or understands Me
Her beauty brigtens up my day with its resonating light melts all my fears makes all my tears wash away makes my heart want come out and play her eyes captivate me inprision my soul binding it to hers our 2 lost souls become as one forever
who you gonna turn to when the world grows cold when you pushed all who cared away turned your back on those that loved you whos gonna hold you when those tears stream down your face you had better hope they hear your crys when your cold and lonely where you gonna turn when they dont hear your screams back in your own world
Her eyes sparkle with the light from a star filled sky he smile brightens up the day with the light of a thousand suns her embrace warms me up like an electric blanket on a cold night
With This Knife With this knife I cleanse u from my system with this knife i take all the pain away yet making my exteranl pain match my internal im cuttin out the part of u that has infected me im cuttting u out of my life by cutting me the blood that trickles down will replace these tears of pain im sorry u thought love was a game now im gone and its shame
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