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45 Year Old · Male · From Holland, MI · Joined on August 10, 2006 · Born on December 14th · 7 referrals joined!
45 Year Old · Male · From Holland, MI · Joined on August 10, 2006 · Born on December 14th · 7 referrals joined!

Drama destroys all friendships & is not a positive thing in anyones life!Well im 30 sadly... Ive got 4 kids 2 of my own and 2 of the cutest little monster step kids one could be cursed with J/K... Im engaged to the lovley Phoenixx from my list... Shes without her and the kids id be nothing.... My 2 are both boys ones 5 and ones just over a month old. the other 2 are soon to be 4 and ones 5... I like mostly metal music... i tend to be a bit odd at times... anything to make people laugh... im a huge flirt.... and for those that think i mean anythign by it... im sorry but i dont... its just nicer to call someone sexz or cute than to say "ud rather fuck a meat grinder than kiss them" ok side note if ur not gonna read what i post... rate my stuff.... be a true friend than... move on... every few days i remove people form my list... AND IF UR ASS IS GONNA VISIT MY PAGE AT LEAST RATE SOMETHING U TWISTED LAZY FUKTARDS ALSO IF U CAN POST BULLITONS WHOREING SOME ATTENTION CRAVING GUTTER SLUT AND READ ALL THOSE THINK TO URSELF... WILL I READ THIS PERSONS POSTS? WILL I RATE HIS PICTURES IF NOT KEEP GOIN.... IN FACT IF U DONT WANNA DO THAT THAN DONT RATE ME, DONT COMMENT ME... IN FACT REMOVING UR FINGERS FROM UR STANK PUSSY THATS BEEN SO STUFFED WITH COCK ITS GOT SO MUCH DRIED CUM ON IT LIPS THAT IT LOOKS LIKE COTTAGE CHEESE AND MOVE ON

45 Year Old · Male · From Holland, MI · Joined on August 10, 2006 · Born on December 14th · 7 referrals joined!
Music Sex shootin pool Concerts Cooking... laddies i suggest u check out this site and guys check it out learn it and ur lady will never leave u http://www.abbyssexualhealth.com/articles/female_ejaculation.php
Arteyu Tool One Less Reason Type O Negative 10 Years Blue October Lamb Of God Pantera KMFDM Lords Of Acid Skillet Hinder Hurt NIN, Disturbed A Perfect Circle
100 Girls Matrix 1,2,3 Underworld Underworld Evolution Blade 1,2,3 Dreamcatcher Stigmata Signs The Village Ghost Clerks How to lose a guy in 10 days Better off dead Half baked Dazzed And Confused Anger Managment Happy Gilmore Big Daddy
maryln manson, dennis rodman, n my dad
Video Games
i love sports games, maddne is prolly my fav, some shooter games, i like racing games as well and all of the tony hawk games

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    yea when you get out of jail you can do something with these pics you sick child abusing fuck... because she is never going to be with you again because of what you did to her kids.... she got her kids takin away because of you man... how wrong is that you deserved what you got.... you are not supposed to treat kids that way at all that is very very very nasty and kids should not have bruses all up and down their legs... so delete these pics and forget about her because she has forgotten all about you and her kids are even scared to come over here because of you... its pervs like you that make me and other people sick...

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