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Why is it everyone on my list cant take the time to rate even one pic.... is it becasue i dotn have tits? i doubt that. since 99% of the people on my list are females... is it casue i dont have a pic of my dick hanging out? i doubt that since all the women ive seen post shit. complain about that... so im left to one theroy.... that u all don't give a shit... and aren't fake in the sense that its nto ur pics on ur page... ur fake in the terms of what it means to be a friend......ever wonder how some people go to the bar or club and seemingly everyone talks to them...yet very few cept the guys that have not got laid since reagen was the pres come up to u.... maybe just maybe its casue they know that as soon as u get what u want from them ur gonna walk away and never talk to them again..... and gurls since most on my list are gurls.. is that not the saem fuckin thing u think all guys want? a piece of ass... cept its not ass u wanted form me it was points so..... im sorry if u dont aggree... but at this point i dont fukin care...287,000 plus members hardly ever more than 25,000 online.... there was huge growth here at oen point... due to the better features than myspace... yet its stagnet... its gotta be close to for ever 2 new people that join one leaves....casue when i joined it was about 270,000 and one would think that... the new mebers would still be here.... but even the few that seem to stay aren't very active.. so its up to u if u want to stay on my lsit or not.... if not save me the effort and remove u own fukin self...chances are if i dotn start hearin from some of u (besides mike and a few bouncers i have on my list) and the few people that i knwo personally... and the 5-7 others that rated my stuff... im gonan wind up removin u... and thats not something i really wish to do.... after all if i sent u an add reqest it was to talk to u... get oknow u....and if i approved urs i assumed u sent one for the same reason... not for points... not so u could get to the next level... not so insted of 100 pics u could put 120 or w/e the case is
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