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Okay, my first real blog on here. How many people hate drama and bitching, raise your hands. *Counts how many hands are raised.* Okay, you people can leave now, then, because you aren't really going to like what this blog's about. LOL. ANYWAYS...yeah. Where to start? Well, I have a migraine and people know that, yet they come to me expecting me to fix every little fucking goddamn problem they have. Hello, do I have the words "Come to me, I'm Ms. Fixit" tattooed on my forhead? Didn't think so. So when I say I have a migraine, please don't say "I'm sorry" then turn around and start laying all your fucking problems at my feet so you can have that weight lifted from your shoulders. I have enough fucking problems to deal with, and I don't need yours too!!! Please people! I feel like I'm dying here. I need help too. I'm not the girl next door who has no problems or no life. How about the next time I have a problem I need to work on, you help me with it instead of bitching that I'm taking up your precious time? If you don't want to help me, do NOT expect my help anymore on your fucking drama!!! OMG!!! I am crying as I write this fucking blog because of the hell I put myself through to help you fucking morons with your fucking moronic problems. It ends here! No more! I put my foot down now. My new rule is: You want help, you damn well better repay the favor when I need help or your cut loose. I can afford to cut my losses...can you? Grow the fuck up and quit thinking about yourself or where the next fucking party is. Life is more than that! I'm fucking 20 years old and I know better. What's that say about you? Okay, now that I have that out of my system, I'm outta here for now. Peace!
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