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Dear best friend, I hope you read this I hope you realize why I did what I did sis. I can't explain what I went through To get me where I am But all I know is I need you My sister and my friend Lets not let our differences Tear us further apart I'll be sitting here in silence Until you have a change of heart Please don't leave me waiting For it's times like these you see When all around me walls are breaking I need my sister beside me So, please best friend and sister, read this And realize I only do the things I think are best.
Running through the night Going from shadow to shadow Trying to hide from everyone The traces of my pain Nothing seems to be going right The shadows close around me Pulling me into their midst Into the depths of their disdain The stench of death surrounds me As I am further pulled in Hands reach out and grasp At what they think is their gain Then suddenly a light appears The shadows all disperse Years of hiding evaporate With the tears of a clear falling rain.
Walk on by Don't say a word This balance will upset I'll leave you like a bird Don't push me too far I don't want to cross that line My mind is not that stable It's gone from time to time There's scars from cuts Expressing my internal pain There's depression... I'm going again Keep on walking Pass me by I'm invisible to you But I'll never wonder why
I sit here alone in this desolate wasteland. All around me is gray. The air is thick like a summer evening storm. The sky begins to open. My dress sticks to my body like glue. I wish I could be seen as I truly am: a creature of darkness and night. A horse gallops closer and closer to me (am I finally reentering reality?). Her mane, black as blood, bellows in the wind. I am being run down, possibly to death, and I don't even care. (I am only the last of my kind). All I know is a soft, piercing silver light embracing me, welcoming me. I am home.
Tears fall down like pouring rain. Just like before my heart breaks again. Too long without seeing your face, I've gone too long without feeling your love. How can we get through this? How can we survive? I cry myself to sleep every night, And when I close my eyes Your face interupts my dreams. How much longer until I'm in your arms again? How much longer until I'm safe again? I've tried my best to see the good that will come. But right now all I can see is gray skies Pouring rain down like my tears.
Darkness surrounds me Depression takes hold Chains hold me captive The air is so cold. Fear settles in I try to get free No light in this darkness I wish I could see. A lock clicks lightly My heart jumps in my throat A door opens softly They're coming to gloat. The soft sound of footsteps Reaches my ears The flare of a match Lighting my fears But the face that I see Is not the one I expected It looks on mine with Love I thought I'd rejected. A hand reaches out And unlocks my chains I'm finally free To love again.
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