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Pimp Princess J DNO's blog: "Mini-Bomb Bash"

created on 03/31/2021  |  http://fubar.com/mini-bomb-bash/b372263  |  2 followers

Just testing out the field to see who would be interested in a Mini-God Mode/CB bash with Auto-11s running.These are points needed for the Big Rater Boss achievement for L82s.

The date is this Friday, April 2nd for one of two reasons:
The bonuses changed and now the CB bonus is on Fridays.
Fubar staff would appreciate these Bomb Bashes on a weekday rather than weekends for technicial reasons.

Here are some tips compiled by Russ aka 92cxyd for running this mini bash:

1. No need for family swaps, totally optional, also try to keep this low cost.
2. Run at least 1 auto-11s, it doubles your points when you get bombed and attracts bombers, we need a lot perferably 120 running Auto-11s. 
3. Choice is yours to run a Cherry Bomb or GodMode. If you plan running 8 CBs, it's cheaper to run a GM unless you have a stash of CB to use.
4. Recommend to bomb ACTIVE GMs, CBs, and ACTIVE auto-11s in that order, should make the same amount of points for each group if all are running auto-11s.  To find them, do Search > Activated bling > God Modes (Cherry Bombs & Auto-11s)
5. Lvl 82s need to Earn 750 billion points from rates *Includes rate points to/from profiles, photos, your total family famp pts, and Cherry Bombs. Rates from being in the family of a famp don't count*  
This is why family swaps are not needed.

 If you have not got these achievements, they are available:

: 100ap  Cherry ApocalypseBomb 1000 albums in 12 hours.
: 100ap   Bomb Me 250XBe bombed 250 times in a 24 hour period.
: 100ap   Get bombed 5000x - cumulative

After Completing this, here's how 92cxyd and Stormy achieved it:
On CherryBomb bonus day 150k % for CB use:
1. Either run GodMode or as many CherryBombs you have time for.
2. If you are going to try to do in one full day, be prepared to bomb 20 hours approx.
3. Need to be Extreme Point Boosted. Have a partner watch your profile for reset of extreme boost OR set a timer when starting your own boost.
4. Run 2X PowerUps as often as possible.
5. Run auto-11s. It doesn't necessarily double pts for GM use, but it does double pts when someone bombs and it attracts active CB/GMs to bomb you. 
6. You will know you are maintaining max pts/bomb when you see 375,250,000 pts / folder bombed.
7. (750 B pts needed) divided by (375.25M pts/ folder) = approx. 2k folders of active auto-11 users. This doesn't include being bombe; those are extra points.
 2k folders / 116folder/hr = 17.25hrs in one day, less if you can get bombed up to half of the 2k and be done in less than 10hrs however requires about
    100 active CBs/GMs and 116+ active auto-11 would be ideal situation.

Leave your name if interested so we have an idea on #s. Let's have some fun!
Many thanks to Russ for the above info.

Participants - just for #s  You do not have to add members to your family. Instead do a 'Search' for GM, CB, Auto-11s in that order then repeat. For those not running GM or CB, run Auto 11s to attract bombers to your profle page.  

START TIME - just taking a stab at a good time:  5 am FUBAR TIME  **You may start earlier or later**  

1. TacoTuesdayJBH   https://fubar.com/waverunner1961

2. Crooked Halo       https://fubar.com/angel921

3. ForeverURFriend  https://fubar.com/friend4ever

4. Nobody               https://fubar.com/therealnobody

5. PrincessJ            https://fubar.com/11848492

6. FlirtinginMaine    https://fubar.com/10948777

7. BeautifulCrazy    https://fubar.com/thesweetestbitch

8. HeavenDNO       https://fubar.com/in_my_heaven

9. EroticHypnotic  https://fubar.com/11150015


*I have names of members running Auto-11s. We're off to a great start.

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