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34 Year Old · Female · From Corry, PA · Joined on March 18, 2006 · Born on July 20th · 2 different people have a crush on me!
34 Year Old · Female · From Corry, PA · Joined on March 18, 2006 · Born on July 20th · 2 different people have a crush on me!

tha name is megan. my friends call me megs or meggerranne. i pretty much hate everyone. my bestest friend is Brandi Lynn Northrop ♥ my favorite color is pink. i am 16 years old.i am a junior at corry high school.i have this amazing bf, named Silk.hes gorgeous, and i admire him dearly, be jealous.imma g-string whore.i make lesbian porn with my dearest friend Miranda.i love to dance.i sing in the shower.i cover up w/ 8 blankets when i sleep.i have more guy friends than i do gurls.i dont play school sports.i have an obsession with criticizing people. i chew my straws. i love love. i love my friends. my favorite movie is love and basketball. i love sunsets. i love rap, hip hop, and country. i love black guys and puerto ricans.i love thunderstorms. i like when you pull me closer. i like gorgeous boys. i love cuddling ♥.i love sex, without it i would die i love building friendships. i love giving advice. i love mine and mirandas rap song we made. -no doubt we gangstazi love surfer boiz. i love listening to LOUD music. i love friday nights. i hate monday mornings. i hate backstabbers,liars, cheaters, druggies, and smokers.i'm emotional.i cry a lot.i am a sweetheart.i will be nice to you if you are nice to me.i have been through a lot in my life.i have the most awesome dreams.i love to take pics of myself.i love to observe people.i love being the outcast.i like when my tounge turns colors from artifically flavored stuff. i hate people that say things & do another. i love boys. i hate spiders. i flirt with everyone. i'm a sweatpant/sweatshirt whore. i prefer to be comfortable, than to look good. i like smiles inbetween kisses. i fall in love too fast. i trust no one except a few. i always forget everything. im an honor student, be jealous.my room is always clean. my dad is not in my life, but he wants a 2nd chance.i hate two-faced people.i hate people who talk shit.i am not a slut.you can trust me.you can tell me your secrets, and i wont tell a soul.i express my feelings whether you like it or not.i have no patience.i'm always late. i love to get drunk, but barely do. i love my friends. i love porn, && watchin it with miranda.. i hate seafood. i love random hugs & kisses ♥. i'm probly the most perverted girl that you'll ever meet. i love shopping. if i have money, i will guarantee i will spend my mothers. i like to have fun. i like to party. i love boys with fashion and a sense of style. i love people that can make me laugh. (easy to do) i love spider monkeys. my favorite words are "Ewww and Wow." you wont see me sitting at home regreting anything. i love laughing & smiling. i love bright blue eyes. i love palm trees. i respect o r i g i n a l i t y. i love to masturbate and you do too.i love candles. i love having fun. i love xtra spearmint gum. i love tanning, even though i dont have one i love full house. i love talking on the phone with Rod for hours at a time. i hate winter. i hate fake people.i hate people with poor hygeine.i hate people who lie extremely out of their ass.i hate when a guy shoves their tongue down my throat.i hate tornadoes.i hate gothic people.i hate my heart being broken.i hate funerals. i hate skanks.i hate pubic hair. i hate 85% of the girls i know.i hate people who wear tons of makeup.i love oral sex being performed on me.i love tongue rings.i love riding my fourwheeler.i love the summer. i love sleeping in. i love my lover thats in Saegertown. i love my crew.i love long walks on the beach.i love being naked. i laugh A LOT. i am not afraid to get muddy.i love good smelling people. i smile at random people that i see. there are things no one will ever know about me. i let things get to me easily, but get over them quickly.i love Drew West's words of wisdom. i hate when people hear things & belive them. i have good judgement & can see through any little lie / bullshit artist. i hate my cosmetology class & most of the people in it. i'm a very jealous person, get over it.i get mad at the littlest things but i forgive just as easily. i don't believe in forever and the end isn't always happy. i can be dramatic. i'm very outgoing and usually i'm not afraid to tell u whats on my mind. girls that throw themselves at guys in every possible way pisses me off. i worry about anything and everything. i overanalyze things all the time. crying for no reason isn't a bad thing. i absolutely love people that can make me laugh, especially when i don't want to. i like people that get over their problems quickly. i laugh at things that aren't funny and cry about things that aren't worth it.i love 3AM phone calls... but not 8AM ones. i love to get notes reminding me of just how much you admire me. black and white is better than color. i hate when people copy me. i dont do things well under pressure. my camera goes everywhere with me. i makeup my own words, dont fucking use em.so, that makes me different from you.Everything i say is extremely funny and odd. I love someone who is there for me when i need them the most.

34 Year Old · Female · From Corry, PA · Joined on March 18, 2006 · Born on July 20th · 2 different people have a crush on me!

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