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RisenFromStatic's blog: "Listen up"

created on 02/19/2007  |  http://fubar.com/listen-up/b56958
I've figured it out, the obvious reasons people do what they do. You see... when people are faced with arguing belief, there are only three option for them. 1st, they can run. Ignore it, and turn a blind eye. Spare themselves the headache, and the embarrassment. There's no deinite win there, so why try? Or, they'll argue their side long enough, recognize equal ground. Make peace with that. And, then there is the third kind of person. They don't like to lose. They try foul-mouthed attempts at debating (usually after their initial reaction is ignored... or succumbed to) and try to berate the belief and the believer. They say I'll end up in Hell, and I think I just might. But where are you going?
I dont know how many of you out there listen to Stern, but my personal opinoin of him is that he isnt fit to breathe the same air as me, or anyone else for that matter. I'm a big supporter of free speech and all that happy horseshit, but come on. I mean, how can anyone even begin to appreciate the kind of degradation that Howard Stern represents. I wont go so far as to call Stern evil, or morally reprehensible, but it seems to me that Stern, and many people like him live their lives polluting the world, and when the moment comes to back their words, all responsibility has fled. This is what kids, and people all around the country are learning now. That you can say whatever you want whenever you want without fear of having to take responsibility for those words. I've bashed Cherrytap for a number of reasons before, maybe they were without evidence, but how can anyone come to this site,see that Howard Stern has hailed it, and take the site seriously? Think about it.
Yeah, so, if you were one of the people that received like a 2 on their pic, dont have a heart attack. I was going through pics, and whatever I didnt like, I rated low. Somethin' ur gonna have to live with.
I can only assume that Cherrytap is referring to how some people try to have as many friends on myspace as possible. Well, that sounds a little hipocritical, dont you think? I mean, this site offers stupid ass rewards for having more friends, while myspace allows you to be comfortable. I dont have to have tons of friends on myspace, in fact I dont. And even more, myspace doesnt offer the vulgar allowance of nude photos. I mean, if you cant meet a guy or a lady without posing nude, I think you might have some social skill problems. Cherrytap should stop comparing itself with myspace. Because, instead of a netwok of friends (that you actually talk to) Cherrytap is but a glorified chat room.
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