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Alright, I came to this site simply out of boredom, I'll be honest. I was lookin around on myspace when I found it. To say that this site is better than the site that started it all is a little far fetched. I mean, myspace is more personal. There's alot of differences between the two sites, that it's not even on the same level. Look at this for instance. All of the typing is done in a very un-refined HTML format. I mean, I learned HTML layout in high school. CherryTAP rewards people for doing the same things I already do on myspace, and doesn't allow you to procede unless you have a pic up. I kinda understand that, but shit, it doesnt even have to be of you. Myspace exhibits a very refined form of posting your own website. Nobody sees my website, unless I have the intention of certain people seeing it, it usually never happens. I'll probably stick around here for a lil while, but maybe the site should think about changing it's slogan, like, an adult alternative to myspace.
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