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InFArREd FaN Me Plz's blog: "LIFE"

created on 11/04/2007  |  http://fubar.com/life/b150264
Losing someone close to you makes it so hard because where ever you are there will be a time when you will need them. It may be a hug, it maybe just to talk to or just having fun with. But surely as life goes on they will always be in your heart listening to every word that you say. They have never been gone because they will always be with you in your memories and in your heart.
The Beginning of Wisdom as i finish with the final makeup that i put on for the day i pause to take a look infront of the mirror drawing a perfect smile i drag myself out into the day where life goes on life goes on until the makeup wears off when dawn becomes dusk i slowly limp back home sitting down in the corner of the bed i wish tomorrow never dawns i wish i never have to apply the makeup all over again years of pain years of deceit all hidden behind one single layer my scars hidden underneath one single layer of foundation my tears barricaded by this black mascera my emotions seemingly glued together inside with this red lipstick all my desires all my emotions hidden to perfection inside this cosmetic world that is now my home away from home as time slowly ticks by and the day dawns the one in the mirror slowly fades away into the sunlight leaving the other to take over its now or never i am standing here two in one me against the one in the mirror two souls one body one desire a deep desire to live life standing infront of the mirror i resolve to confront my inner fears my desire to live life is more stronger with tears running down my eyes i cry myself to sleep night is all but gone the sunlight slowly streaming in through the windows i rush to get ready for the day putting on my clothes i pause to take a look in the mirror before i step into the world once again i pause for a minute to take the first look, (at what was) the cosmetic beauty of my face now replaced with the inner beauty, once visible only in the mirror
I've been sitting around this life for years, Not enough laughs and too many tears. Trying to figure out where it all went, These wasted years that I have spent. Searching for something to go beyond, Life's a stone skipping across a pond. At the last skip, it hits with a splash, Down the stone sinks, gone in a flash. Pushing and pulling, it's tearing apart, Poking and prodding an underused heart. This dark velvet curtain that hides my soul, Living this life has taken it's toll. In a flash of bright light, the curtain is torn, Tumbling down all tattered and worn. Revealing new life, a child within, Born free of hate, of suffering and sin. Now my eyes see what has never been told, Striving forth happy, confident and bold. Into a world that's unfamiliar but friendly, Into this new life my spirit will send me. Living and laughing, loving it all, I stood myself up and answered the call. The darkness has gone, replaced by the light, I gave up the darkness with hardly a fight. I've been sitting around this life for years, With laughter aplenty and hardly a tear. Now I can see just where it all went, Cherish every moment of this new life I've spent.


In every change that you experience in life, there will be times when you'll wonder if you can endure. But you'll learn that facing each difficulty one by one isn't so hard. It's when you don't deal with a situation that it sometimes comes back to confront you again. Changes are sometimes very painful, but they teach us that we can endure and that we can become stronger. Everything that comes into your life has a purpose, but the outcome is in your hands by the action you take. Be wise with your life, be willing to endure, and always be willing to face life's challenges.
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