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L-O-V-E four letters one meaning But the meaning? Noone really knows. And the feeling? Noone can express enough. And well the truth? We all feel it at one point in life. When do we know that the feeling is right? How do you know that, that person is the one? Where do you go to find "the one." Does GOD put them in your life by choice or chance? And if it's by choice, is that person your opposite? Is that person really the one that "completes you? But if it's by chance, was that person put in that place By chance or by their own choice to be? Does anyone know these answers? Are there answers to these questions? Honestly, life is full of unanswered questions Life is full of mystery and faith. L-I-F-E four letters one meaning You're put here for a reason. And you'll find it if you ask the right questions And if you follow the right path, You will find love. You'll be able to know the meaning. And you will feel what it's like to be in love. You won't second guess yourself And you will know that you've found the right person Whether it be by choice or chance. You've asked the right questions And because you listened to the answers You've followed the right path.
Intoxicated imagery A place deeper than common thought Where regardless how far you fall Reassured you'll be caught A place where confusions a rarity Time stays still Laughter's a part of charity Give into it by will Happiness the only sickness Pain cease to exist People lend out a hand Rather than ball it into a fist Friends will be friends When a favors done Not expecting any thing back Society's out to help you Not throw your head off track Where black is a beauty Nothing goes unjustified No waiting for what could be And no memory Of the last person who cried Yet you can't rely on imagination Only causes false hope Life has its times You just have to cope Endure the worst Allow you to cry Spend time alone To think back Reflect' Ask yourself why Now every person has a crisis Moments they feel deprived And at the end of the day You're just happy you survived So every now and then escape To a place deeper than common thought Where regardless how far you fall Reassured you'll be caught Let yourself go You know where I mean Let yourself go Allow you to dream
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