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Life changes when you least expect it. Not sure why or how it just does, and sometimes it's a good thing and sometimes it's a bad thing. Either way we as humans always find a way to handle the unexpected.

Somethings in my own life has taken a mental toll on me.  Without going into details that past two and half years have really drained me mentally. For those that know me, knows exactly what i am talking about here.  So in reality i feel that life has taken me to a place where things are kind of  shattered.  meaning that i don't know when i'll stop hurting inside from all the Life's unexpected tragedies that got me here.

To top it all off not only have i not had anyone in my life for the past seven years. But now all of a sudden i have not One but Four that think i am the one for them.  But only one of them well maybe two of them has made a move to find out if what they are feeling for me is GENUINE.  NOW WTF, when is my life going to be complete again hum hum hum!!!!!

Life changes oh so quickly. So we have to CAPTURE the moments that we have here on earth as quickly, and as often as we can.  Because you never know when your life may end. It could be today when you walk out the front door, or driving down the road heading to your favorite place or on a romantic get away. 

So never and i say NEVER, take life for granted, live your life to the FULLEST EACH AND EVERYDAY, cause ya NEVER know when it may be your last day on this beautiful green EARTH.

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11 years ago
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