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Cindy ROSE's blog: "ever wonder"

created on 07/21/2010  |  http://fubar.com/ever-wonder/b334554

Ever wonder why life is the way it is sometimed.  When you think you have found the right person to make you happy and come to find out that they werent the one at all.  Well i thought i had but again i was wrong, oh well lives a bitch isnt it.

Ever wonder why your mind plays the tricks on you that it does,, hmmmmmmm damn my mind does all the time lol.. or was it my heart that makes the mind play the tricks

Ever wonder why you get butterflires when that special someone falls in your lap without knowing he was the one for you from the get go. well i have to say mine did and i let him go not once but twice in my life and will never find him again or at least i dont think so.

Ever wonder if life will ever slow down long enough to let us catch up with the things that is thrown at us on a daily basis. so that just maybe we can trun our lives around and see the future and avoid all the sad things that will bound to happen.

EVER WONDER is concluded by saying

Lifes just a big basket full of up and downs and without them we would never know how to feel the way we do or see the things we see, or learn from the mistakes that have been put on our plates to see if we are string enough to handle them.



Ever wonder Why?

life throws us cruve balls and never tells us why or how to straighten them out

Ever wonder why?

when you go down a path that you don't pay attention till you have to walk that path for the second time

Ever wonder why?

once you walk the path the second time that you see things a little different than you did the first time

Ever wonder why?

once you finally sit and think of things that its not so bad as the person sitting next to you

Ever wonder why?

 your life is sometimes turned upside down and inside out and not knowing how to get out from under it

Ever wonder why?

once you figure out how to get out from underneath that rock you barried yourself under that life isnt all that bad and you can work things out some how

Ever wonder why?

when you finally find your soul mate why you can't breathe, eat , sleep without thinking of them

Ever wonder why?

you can't breathe, sleep, or eat without thinking of them every second of every day

Ever wonder why?∞

once they are with you that they are what you have been wanting all your life and would do anything at all for them day or night.

Ever wonder why?

love is so grand.

i wonder why all the time and dream that i find my soul mate   ∞∞



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