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50 Year Old · Female · From Fall River, MA · Joined on August 20, 2012 · Born on March 4th · 53 different people have a crush on me!

I give Respect and expect it in return. I say it like I see it. Bullshit and Drama will not be tolerated. " I have zero tolerance for FAKE ASS people in my life. I have way to many real genuine people/friends in my life to pay any attention to the fakers. I do what I want, when I want, because I can and I don't care who likes it. If you don't like it take a # and stand in line because my give a damn is broken. My pitty train has derailed & begging doesn't look good on ya so please don't come to me with either. I can't fix stupidity & I sure am not going to try to. Haters are gonna to hate regardless so I welcome it & Jealousy Mmmmmmmmmmm, it is a sad ass thing as a adult. Just saying you may want to get yourself evaluated ASAP by seeking the proper medical attention. I can hook you up & get you a state discount. Yw I got you !

I am a " straight " woman. Not looking for anything but friendship. There is a difference between being sexy/classy and slutty know the difference before you approach me with some nastiness.

With that said ladies RELAX I don't want your man if I leave him a comment it's most likely because he left me one so go check your man before you come and try to check me. This Biatch don't play like that, Just saying !!

For all you lil boys who have discoverd you have a toy Keep it to yourself I don't want to play with it nor do I desire to see it. Keep it in your pants. Key word RESPECT !! I will not be uploading NSFW pic's now or ever so save your breathe. I am not for sale nor have I ever sold myself for bling or power ups it's classless and just plain nasty. If that's what your looking for go find yourself a trick I'm not the one. I work 6 days a wk don't need nor will I be begging some online sugar daddy to buy me stuff. Go change your crush and go pucker up to someone else because this Chica is all set believe me zero tears will be shed. You show me love & respect I am going to give you the same in return. I don't care if I'm your #1 or 100. I'll try and help anyone with-in my means who needs help leveling ect..why because we were all there once.

Peace, Love & Happiness to you

50 Year Old · Female · From Fall River, MA · Joined on August 20, 2012 · Born on March 4th · 53 different people have a crush on me!

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