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34 Year Old · Male · Joined on June 14, 2006 · Born on February 18th
34 Year Old · Male · Joined on June 14, 2006 · Born on February 18th

i am in rhode island, im 19, i am also in college to be a federal cop. very simple to entertain and even easier to talk to...im not the type to stress or try to stress, but no ones perfect. it does happen. umm... i think thats about it. i work way too much, but hey gotta pay for my school. its life i suppose. i enjoy meeting people and having a lot of freinds.. and i try my hardest to balance everything. between work and school, i try... and for the most part i succeed and am happy with my life. :)

34 Year Old · Male · Joined on June 14, 2006 · Born on February 18th
i enjoy a lot of things, most of them being simple. i enjoy to play pool, drive, play sports (althought as of midoctober i tore my acl... so sports are out for quite some time. i enjoy working out, although motivation to do so isnt always there... i need to be pushed n challenegd... or else i get bored. i also enjoy talkin about cars, playin video games, watchin tv, listenin to music, partyin (althought i rarely get drunk... i know, a college kid who doesnt get drunk... almost impossible) but i like being the impossible...

as stated im simple... easy to talk to.. just send me message if you would like to :)

im very ecclectic as far as music. im a fan of older rock, rap, new rock, pop, sum country.. very different style for a city boy. u name it, iv prolly heard of it, and 2 of 3 times ill like sum of it :)
Gansta Happy Feet Remix

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ummm i play xbox 360 at work, where we play madden 06, fight night, sum racing games, basically all the games kids drool over for christmas that we get to play on break. ii have a ps2, LOVE racing games, thats perdy much it. i like boxing games as well. pretty much ne thing that doesnt become repetitive... that can adapt to the user, or make new environments. always love a challenge.

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