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well I love helping people out and stuff. and lastnight I was laying in bed and I thought to myself maybe I should make another cherry tap account but have it be for giving people advice cus well Im not getting anything on Yahoo LOL and I get alot on here. and I know theres people out there who want advice from someone who understands and someone whos been threw it all like me. I was also think to see if I can add a chatroom to my page dont know if it will work but I can try LOL. who think this would be a good idea ???????
My Aol.. doesnt seem to be able to work as fast with this site as it does with other sites so If I dont leave you any comments please dont take it personal it has nothing to do with you. Its my stupid AOL. LOL If we are talking on the shoutbox thing lol and I disappear its mainly cus my aol stopped responding and I either had to reboot aol or my whole computer. well thats all for now... Peace.
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